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Here's How to Change Background Zoom, Benefits and Procedures

Why do I have to change the background zoom? Why not just leave it as it is? After all, to replace it can’t be arbitrary, because we have to know how to change the background zoom? This may be a series of questions that arise in your mind when it is recommended to change the zoom background display that you are using.

Currently the use of zoom is commonplace. Since the implementation of the rules for studying and working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, face-to-face meetings have been abolished and replaced with face-to-face online using meeting applications such as Zoom and others.

As a result, the use of the meeting application has succeeded in replacing face-to-face meetings, so that teaching and learning activities and work can be done from their respective homes.

Why Does Background Zoom Need To Be Changed?

Each of us certainly understands that not everyone has a private room or a special room that is designed for meetings or online meetings at home. In fact, most people are forced to share a room with family at home. In fact, some of them have to conduct online meetings in the kitchen because that is the only area that is safe from traffic and the noise of people at home.

Of course the scenery around you during the meeting looks ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘uncomfortable’. Moreover, if the area is still in a state of chaos due to the activities of the people of the house.

Well, the best solution to overcome this is to cover the appearance of the area around you by changing the background zoom.

The way to change the background is relatively easy and doesn’t take a long time. You can also replace it with a variety of background views that you want. Just search the internet, there are lots of cool or natural pictures that you can use as zoom backgrounds.

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How to Change Background Zoom on Laptop

If you want to change the background zoom on a laptop that uses Windows and Mac operating systems, you can follow these steps:

  • Before starting how to change the zoom background on a laptop, make sure you have a one-color background such as a white wall and the like.
  • Then open the Zoom application, then log in to your account.
  • Continue by clicking on your profile photo, then select “Settings”.
  • Then select the “Virtual Background” menu. Don’t forget to check the “I have a green screen” option.
  • Then you just have to choose an existing background.
  • if you want to use your own image, just press the “+” button then select “Add Image”.
  • Then select the image you want.
  • Finished.

How to Change Background Zoom on HP

Now, to change the zoom background via HP, you can see the way we share this. But this method is only relevant if you use an iOS phone, for Android we will update it at the next opportunity.

Here’s how to change the zoom background:

  1. Open it and then log in to the Zoom application on your cellphone
  2. After that select New Meeting or Join to the meeting
  3. Well then when you are in a Zoom meeting, you can enter the ‘More’ menu at the bottom right
  4. Then select ‘Virtual Background’
  5. Then you can select the desired image to be the background. Wait to upload image
  6. After that press ‘Close’ to return to the Zoom meeting
  7. So if you want to remove the background, please return to the Virtual Background menu and press ‘None’.

We will update the background on Android phones later, because until now the developer has not commented on the virtual background on Android, so please be patient.

After arriving at this stage, it means that how to change the background on a laptop using Windows and Mac operating systems is running successfully. In addition, our latest update adds a very easy way to change the virtual background zoom on your cellphone. Hope it is useful.

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