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For Beginners! Here are the Basic Tips on How to Use the TikTok App

Do you want to use the TikTok application but don’t understand or know how? Calm! We will share simple tips and how to use TikTok for beginners.

As we know, TikTok is currently in great demand by many people, especially young people like you. Not only in Indonesia, TikTok users also come from various countries around the world. Such as India, China, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, and others.

In the past, the TikTok application was rarely in demand, because videos uploaded by users seemed monotonous and LESS INTERESTING. But now, thanks to creators, now TikTok users are competing to be creative to make cool videos that are also informative.

Well, my friend, I’m suretriggered I want to create TikTok content because I see cool creators. It’s also possible if you have a business, marketing can also use Tik Tok, you know with cool TikTok-style packaging.

Then, how do you use Tik Tok for beginners like you? let’s look at the tips below!

How to Use TikTok App For Beginners

  • First, please download or install the Tik Tok application first, you can download it via the Google Play Store, or if you have installed it before, it would be nice to update it first!
  • If so, please login first. If you don’t have a TikTok account, you can create an account first. If you have trouble, you can read the tutorial on how to create a TikTok account here
How to Use TikTok App For Beginners
  • Now then, if you have logged in with your account, you will go to the homepage or commonly called FYP (For is called FYP (For Your Page). This is a page where videos of people with top searches and with content that are currently hits will appear in FYP Not only popular accounts that can enter FYP, your beginner’s account can also be from your content and tags following the current trend.
How to Use TikTok App For Beginners
  • Well here you can like, comment, and share people’s posts if you really like them. Not only that, you can also duet videos with people who appear on FYP. If you want a duet but don’t know how, you can read the tutorial here!
  • Next there is the Explorer menu, this menu contains video recommendations, hashtags (Hashtags), and soundtracks. If you want to search for someone’s account or also want to find a song or soundtrack, you can search for it in the search tab above. Just write down the keywords.
How to Use TikTok App For Beginners
  • Well, this is an example if you type in the song title keyword. The track list will come out along with videos of people using the soundtrack.
How to Use TikTok App For Beginners
  • If you want to use it, you can select “Use this sound”. So here you can make a video with this soundtrack. you can record directly, or take ready-made videos through the gallery.
How To Use TikTok App For Beginners
  • If you want to make a video without a soundtrack, you can select the plus sign icon in the start menu, then feel free to make videos as you please. If you have made a video, you can also edit it such as adding filters or effects, adding animations, adjusting the volume, adding voice effects, adding text, and adding stickers, and more.
How to Use TikTok App For Beginners
  • When published, your video will be saved on your profile page.
How to Use TikTok App For Beginners
  • So, if someone likes or comments on your video, there will be a notification that will come in. For example, as shown below.
How to Use TikTok App For Beginners

Note: Your Tik Tok account can be private or protected like Instagram. So who can see your profile are people who only follow you. and also the videos that you upload can be hidden from the audience, by selecting “private” on the page when you want to publish / upload videos. So the video is only your own friend who can see.

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How to Write on TikTok Videos

Next, you can add text to the TikTok videos that you make, it’s very easy!

  • If you have made a video on TikTok, as in the steps described above, you can add a lot of effects and also text on your video.
  • You can edit videos adding text, effects, filters and stickers to it. When you’re done editing, tap the next button.
  • Don’t forget to select “Who can see my videos”: If you want the video to be visible to everyone, don’t change the settings.
  • If you don’t allow other people to download TikTok videos that you have, choose the “private” or “private” option
  • Now you can post TikTok videos with the caption

The final word

How? Easy isn’t it how to use TikTok for beginners? Oh yes, if you want maximum results, we recommend that you also edit it through an application or video editing software. Because on TikTok itself the tools offered are not so many and complete. If you want the maximum, you can edit via adobe premiere, viva video, power director, and others that you think worth it. Ok, happy creating content! ?

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