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FMWhatsApp Mod Apk Latest Version Anti Banned (Official)

FMWhatsApp Mod Apk – Sending short messages or chatting with friends is fun, especially if the person you are sending is someone you care about. Humans carry out activities like this using a device called a smartphone. With this tool, you can install several types of applications and one of them is WhatsApp.

Because the WhatsApp chat application is very popular with many people, software enthusiasts are starting to innovate on their own. Then several versions of the WhatsApp Mod application appeared, known as WhatsApp Mod.

WhatsApp Mod is an application that appears through the original WhatsApp customization that brings up a new apk but still has a function similar to WhatApp. Then, what is FMWhatsApp and what are its uses? Let’s discuss it together.

About FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp Apk

Basically, FMWhatsApp is a WhatsApp application that lives up to its name but has a number of additional features in it. The application is included in the WA Mod category or third-party application, which means that this application was not developed and not released by Facebook which is the owner of WhatsApp. Therefore, you will not find FMWhatsApp in the Play Store.

The name FMWhatsApp is taken from the name of the developer, ‘FM’ stands for ‘Fouad Mod’. He deliberately gave the FM identity in his modified Apk as an identity that was the result of his hard work when modifying WhatsApp. Because Fouad provides many additional features in the application, it’s no wonder that FMWhatsApp has become very popular among WA Mod users.

Modification applications like this are usually known for having a number of interesting features provided. Some provide other people’s status download services, change font services, change themes, turn off ‘Last Seen’ and many others.

Features of FMWhatsApp Mod APK

FMWhatsApp Apk

FMWhatsApp is an interesting modification because it provides various changes and additions to the original WhatsApp features. Not only unique, this feature is also useful for users because a number of features not only change the appearance but also increase the performance of the application. Some of the features of FMWhatsApp are as follows.

Hiding Last Seen

Last Seen shows when you were last online on the device. This is usually used to see if you are online or not, and other users can predict when you will open your cellphone again.

With this FMWhatsApp, you can hide Last Seen and make your online status stop instantly and not visible as ‘Online’ even though you are opening WhatsApp and exchanging messages with other people.

Hide View Status

When you view someone’s story, that person will be aware that you have seen their status because your name is listed in the ‘Viewed By’ section. Well, FMWhatsApp provides a feature to be able to hide you in the Visible list.

Maybe it’s not that important, but if you’re avoiding messages from someone and accidentally see that person’s status, you can’t help but have to reply, don’t you think? This kind of thing will not happen if you use FMWhatsApp.

Blue Tick Is There After Replying

The checkmark in WA chat has 3 identities, namely the gray 1 tick indicates that the message has been sent but has not been received by another person, the 2 gray tick indicates that the message has been received by someone else, and the blue 2 tick indicates that the message has been read by that person.

If you want to hide the checkmark, you can use FMWhatsApp so that a new blue 2 identity will appear after you reply to the message. This is so that you don’t get caught reading the message.

Sending Chat Without Saving Number

Before sending a message to a certain number, you must first save the number. After that, then you can send a chat or file to the name because you have saved the contact.

FMWhatsApp has a service that allows you to send chats without the need to save the contact first, just type the destination number so you can directly send chats or files on that number. Easy isn’t it?

Viewing Deleted Status

Status that has been shared by others will be visible within 24 hours or until the owner deletes it himself. When it’s been deleted, other people can’t see the status.

To outsmart it, FMWhatsApp provides a service to view the deleted story. People who use FMWhatsApp can see other people’s stories or statuses that have been deleted, even more amazingly, the owner of that status still doesn’t know if someone has seen that status.

Viewing Deleted or Withdrawn Messages

One of the original WhatsApp features is ‘Retract Message’ or delete or withdraw messages. If someone else makes a typo or accidentally sends the wrong chat, then he can delete it before seeing the destination number.

But this feature is usually used for fun, many of them deliberately withdraw messages to make other people curious. If you are an FMWhatsApp user, then you can see deleted messages even if the sender has deleted the message.

Screening Incoming Calls

Sometimes, we get calls by unwanted people through the WA application. The reasons can be various, for example, the person is very annoying, likes to borrow money but is never returned.

Of course we don’t want this kind of person to interrupt our time. That is why FM WA provides one of its flagship features, which is choosing which number to call us. Other people won’t be able to call us because they’re not on that list, so you don’t have to worry about being bothered again.

New Look

Tired of the same WhatsApp appearance? You can change the appearance and theme via FM WA easily. You just have to choose the theme you like, if you’re bored you can replace it with another theme because there are many theme options on FMWhatsApp. The theme is always updated by the developer and the important thing is that it’s all free.

Tips for updating FMWhatsApp to be safe and anti-banned

FMWhatsApp Apk

Prevention will be better than you later experience unwanted things, such as trusting too much about info if FMWhatsApp has an anti-ban feature, so it is safe to use. Indeed, the service is on FM WA, but at least there is prevention by upgrading the application.

Here are the steps to update FMWhatsApp APK:

  • Open FMWhatsApp Apk and select the YoMods menu
  • Please open the Update menu and tap Check for Updates
  • If there is a new version of the FM WA application, please select Web Download, then download the application
  • The last step you have to install the application that has been downloaded
  • Finished

Is It Safe To Use This FMWhatsapp APK Application?

Download the FMWhatsapp Application

After reading the advantages mentioned above, don’t be in a hurry to download the latest fmwhatsapp application before checking whether there are risks using the application.

You need to know, even though fmwhatsapp mentions that their application is anti-banned, it is not a guarantee. Because, the application is not the original property of Whatsapp, but belongs to a third party. While there is no guarantee that this application is safe to use.

Apart from all that, please click the following link to download the latest fmwhatsapp application. But before that, consider as wisely as possible whether you really need to use the application or not.


So, what are you waiting for the most? Let’s just tell you how!

Download FMWhatsApp Mod APK

First you have to download the WhatsApp MOD application first.FMWhatsApp” APK first here

  • Application name: FMWhatsapp
  • Application Type: Whatsapp MOD
  • Developer : Fouad Moukdad
  • Current Version: 8.26
  • Size : 51 MB
  • Supported Android versions: Above 4.2

This app is not in the Google Play Store huh! Because this is a modified application from the official WhatsApp, it is not available on the Play Store. You must download the file directly direct link through what we have given above.

Second, WhatsApp Chat Backup

If you try it using the main number, then you better do it chat backup and media WhatsApp for prevent data loss.

How to go to the page Settings -> Chats -> Backup Chats -> Wait until the process is complete.

Third, Activate Unknown Sources

Because this application is not sourced from the Play Store or is not an official application, then we need to allow our smartphones to be able to install APK files from unknown sources.

How to open the page Settings => Security Settings => Enable Install Apps from Unknown.

Or if we forget to set this section at the beginning, when we install this application, we will be reminded again to activate it Unknwon Sources.

Fourth, Install FMWhatsApp APK

  • Go to the file manager on your smartphone and look for FMWhatsApp APK in the download folder.
  • Tap the file to start the installation process,
  • Then a confirmation notification will appear then select Yes to continue.

Fifth, Login Your WhatsApp Account!

When the process is complete, all you have to do is login using the desired number. Then restore backup chat that was in backups.

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Strengths and weaknesses

As for Excess of this WhatsApp MOD application are

  • Slick features that are not found in the official Whatsapp application
  • This app is free
  • Easy to access
  • Appearance / Themes that can be changed

Also as for weakness of this WhatsApp MOD application are

  • Unable to update via Play Store
  • Not an official app
  • Does not guarantee 100% security

You can read our other tips such as How to Change Language on Whatsapp and also get to know the Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp Web.

Well, that’s an explanation of FM WhatsApp Mod Apk that you can use. Some of the excellent features provided can be used as you like, but it never hurts to understand the risks of using an unofficial application. Hope it is useful!

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