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Finally Officially Realme 2 Will Be Present in Indonesia

Hello AP Friends! We previously reported about the launch of the Realme 2 Pro in India! The good news is that Realme will officially debut in Indonesia on October 9 2021, as reported by TabloidPulsa.co.id (25/09/2021). On that date, Realme will introduce to the public its first smartphone in Water-resistant and in Southeast Asia. The handset is the Realme 2 Series, including the latest, the Realme 2 Pro!

Finally Officially Realme 2 Will Be Present in Indonesia

Of course, the presence of Realme in Indonesia is highly anticipated, because his smartphone has proven to get positive results for selling its smartphones, namely Realme 1 and Realme 2 in India, which of course come with very competitive prices and fierce specifications.

During its launch later, Realme will introduce its newest product line, namely Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro. You can see some of the specifications of the Realme 2 Pro that the AP has previously reported.

Later, Realme will cooperate with Lazada as the official online store for sales in Indonesia. Later you can get a Realme smartphone at a flash sale event held through Lazada. So let’s just look forward to the inaugural presence of Realme in Indonesia, okay?

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