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Fan Made Super Mario 64 PC Game Removed by Nintendo

Lately, game fans Super Mario 64 stirred up by Nintendo’s deletion of the game fanmadeits for the PC version. Even though the work on this project took more than a year and was worked on by fans Super Mario 64.

This version allows its players to play through platform PC without having to bother looking platform Old Nintendo which is hard to find nowadays.

Fans Create Games Super Mario 64 For PC

Fans succeeded in creating a game Super Mario 64 which can be played using PC port. Previously, some fans ran project in 2021, where they took advantage of source code those games. As a result game Super Mario 64 can be played using DirectX 12 with a higher resolution on the computer than the original version.

It is also possible for players to use an Xbox One controller from Microsoft to play the game. In addition, there is a high possibility to add visual effects for Super Mario 64 using technology ray tracing.

Super Mario 64 is a game 3rd action platformer which was very popular at the time. This game was released through older platforms such as Nintendo 64, GameCube and Wii. Despite being an old game, Super Mario 64 is still the prima donna game of gamers to this day.

Directly Removed by Nintendo

But unfortunately Nintendo has another response from the emergence of an unofficial version of the game Super Mario 64 that. Quoted from videogameschronicle, Nintendo has removed almost all download links for the game. It happened after gameplay Super Mario 64 for PC started appearing on YouTube.

Nintendo has also released reports regarding its games being misused using third-party applications. Which also states that the game file contains unofficial files and is declared illegal. As a result, some fans find it difficult to find download link for Super Mario 64 PC.

Videos containing gameplay Super Mario 64 on the PC it was immediately deleted after getting copyright claim from Nintendo. However, some fans still upload the game files through other download media as a form of their commitment.

Console Data Owned by Nintendo and Some Source Code– it’s leaky

Previously, there was news that there had been a leak of Nintendo’s console data which resulted in some of the console’s source code being leaked. The consoles affected were the Nintendo 64. GameCube, and the Wii. Nintendo added that there is a possibility that the code has been used to create copy-paste the game is illegal for other platforms.

Will Do Remaster Multiple Games Super Mario Classic

Nintendo will reveal plans to re-release several game series Super Mario classic for catalog Super Mario’s 35-year back. One of which is Super Mario 64 who also participated inremaster along with some games Super Mario classic for Nintendo Switch.

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