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Facebook Hack Ways and Tips For Beginners

Have you ever thought about trying to hack your girlfriend’s or friends’ facebook? if so, maybe you can listen to tips on how to hack Facebook which we will review below.

Although Facebook already sounds quite foreign to young people, in fact the social media platform created by Mark Zuckerberg is still widely used by people around the world, especially the older generation. Facebook does connect people from all over the world which can help people communicate for friends, work, and even for business.

Many of the users who sometimes also get their love through Facebook, who were initially acquainted, eventually fell in love with each other. Facebook itself has a photo or video upload feature that allows users to see each other’s physical form.

So, without further ado, we will share how or tips to hack facebook for beginners. But it should be noted, we do not provide a detailed method to 100%, here we only provide technical information that is usually done to hack other people’s facebook.

Tips & How To Hack Facebook For Beginners

Using Keylogger

How to Hack Facebook
photo source : searchsecurity.techtarget.com

The first way you can do to hack someone’s or crush’s facebook is to use technique keylogging using Keylogger.

Well, here you just need to install software or app keylogger on the PC or laptop you want to go to (the victim), which is where this keylogger will record everything that is typed the person you are going to, and be in the form of log. Log this will be sent to a good friend over the network File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or email address.

This method is very popular among people who want to learn to hack. To get the software, my friend can search on google or forums, because there are so many scattered. Good luck!

Using Spyic

How to Hack Facebook

Another way that you can try to hack Facebook is by using the Spyic application or software. This software is a spy application that is quite safe and works well.

Spyic itself is very popular used in various parts of the world, because of its simple appearance that makes it easy for people to use it.

With Spyic, you don’t need to jailbreak or root the target device you want to go to.

Well here you don’t need to hack someone else’s password or Facebook. With just a few clicks, you can see your Facebook messages and media files automatically. Besides, you can also see all incoming and outgoing messages. And also you can see everything in real-time. To download Spyic, you can download it from the official website here https://spyic.com/.

Although Spyic is actually an application for monitoring children to parents, in fact it is widely used for other things. Please try buddy!

Using Termux

How to Hack Facebook

Termux, a name that is not foreign to ordinary and pro hackers. Termux is an application that runs programs with modified scripts. Termux app itself brings functionality Linux into Android which allows its users to run script for hack like hacking Facebook account.

The method of using termux itself is quite difficult, but there are also some that are easy. Even though linux is technically running, you can easily run script created by other users. I myself once ran someone else’s program to call people using the Piz*a Hut number. Please try buddy, because there are so many ways to run termux!

Buddy can download termux through the Google Play Store application for android phones or you can click here.

Using Spyera

How to Hack Facebook

Another way to hack someone else’s facebook is to use the Spyera app. Spyera itself is a fairly basic and simple Facebook hacking app. This application provides the advantage that it can be used on Android or on a computer. With this simple application, you can hack people’s FB accounts without being caught with this application. This application is quite popular and widely used because of its simple appearance making it easier for people. please try buddy! You can download it on the official website here https://spyera.com/ .

Go to Hack Groups or Forumsing

How to Hack Facebook
photo source: pri.org

Well, the last way you can try to learn and try to hack Facebook is by going to a hacker group or forum. I myself have joined a group to learn hacking techniques, and there are indeed many modules that we can try and apply. You can try to join the hack group on line with the Open Chat feature, telegram, and others. Please friends join while learning hacking techniques, later there will be a facebook hack technique that you can try.

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The final word

Yup, the discussion above is how and tips to hack facebook, good luck and good luck! And please be wise in using! ?

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