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Explanation of the Mikhmon Android Application and How to Install it!

Are you interested in this much-discussed application? But my friend doesn’t understand how to install or use the Mikhmon application? Don’t be in a hurry to give up! You can see our explanation regarding the Mikhmon Android application and how to install it here!

Day by day, Android is increasingly innovating and developing its technology in all lines. The development of Android-based applications is more or less very helpful for the daily activities of its users. Some Android applications can help our work, teaching and learning activities, even to support business activities.

It is undeniable that users also need to know and understand more and more about technology and its development, especially if you are an Android user. Now one application that is quite useful to help our daily lives is the Mikhmon application. This application is widely discussed in forums because of its useful functions.

So what exactly is this Mikhmon application and how do you operate it?

Explanation About Mikhmon Android Application

Michmon Android

Now for those of you who don’t know what the Mikhmond application is, this application is an application that helps MikroTik Hotspot management which in particular does not support a user manager, Mikhmon itself is a web-based application.

The Mikhmon app doesn’t have to be always on, because it’s not a radius server. But Mikhmon can be activated as needed or only if needed at certain times.

Mikhmon’s usefulness on Android means that it will make it easier for users to manage Hotspots and no need to bother opening a PC or Laptop to monitor Mikrotik devices.

How to Install the Mikhmon Android Application

Michmon Android

For those of you who want to install and operate Mikhmon, you must also install the Termux application. Now this termux application is an application to run instructions with programs that we make ourselves. To download termux, you can usually get it through the Google Play Store for free, or simply click here > Download Termux

Before running the installation, you need to know in advance the minimum specifications of your Android cellphone. This is so that later it can run smoothly and optimally. The following are the minimum specifications of the required Android cellphone:

  • Storage or Internal Memory of 32 GB
  • RAM minimum 2 GB
  • Android 4.4 and above
  • Support Termux

Install Step

If it has been prepared, then my friend can enter the installation process. Here are the steps:

  • First, please open the Termux application, then update and upgrade by entering the command (without quotes):

$ pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

  • If you have, you can install curl, (but usually curl is installed by default in termux). Here’s the order

$ pkg install curl

  • Next, my friend can download Mikhmon by using curl.

$ curl -o install-mikhmon https://laksa19.github.io/install-mikhmon.txt

  • Then you can give permission or access to mikhmon. Here’s the command:

$ chmod +x install-mikhmon

  • Please, friends, run the Mikhmon application with the command


  • Next, you can access Mikhmon Access by opening a browser on your cellphone. It’s up to you what browser you want to use.
  • Then my friend can access the following IP
  • Then later on the screen there will be a login page from Mikhmon.
  • Buddy just log in. So friends, you can use this:

username : mikhmon

password : 1234

  • Next, you can configure Mikhmon
  • Now to be able to connect Mikhmon with your friend’s proxy router, click the menu icon in the top corner, click add router
  • After that, you can enter the form as shown in the image below

ip mikrotik : my router ip code

username : user from mikrotik login

password : password from login mikrotik

  • Now, if you have, you can click save and connect, it will be connected later and will be redirected directly to the Mikhmon dashboard.

Commands in Termux for Mikhmon that you need to know

  • Here’s the command to run the Mikhmon application on your cellphone:


  • The command to update the Mikhmon application to the latest version:


  • The command for you to delete the Mikhmon application on your Android:


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The final word

How? Is it clear about the explanation of the Mikhmon Android application and how to install it? Please, my friends, watch and follow so you don’t make a mistake! If there are additions or objections, you can convey them through the comments column below. That’s it and thanks for listening!

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