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Explanation and How to Open a Junior BRI Bank ATM Account

Do you want to open an account or savings at a bank? But you are worried about being rejected because you are under 17 years old? Is there a special for minors? Don’t worry, my friend can use the Junior Bank BRI ATM which you can see in the review below!

Today, most people have a bank account. Creating an account and savings in a bank can help us in financial management so that our finances become stable. Later with the existence of an account and savings at a bank, users will be facilitated such as being able to transact remotely digitally or online, sending money to relatives easily, even saving money without worrying about money being damaged.

Maybe setting up an account and saving at the bank isn’t a problem for adults or those who already have an income. However, children have their own worries about making transactions because they cannot create an account because they are not old enough. Eits .., but that was then. Now several banks have prepared account openings for minors, one of which is Bank BRI.

What is BRI Bank Junior ATM?

atm junior bank bri
BRI Bank Logo

Now, Bank BRI itself has special features for minors who want to open an account or savings, you know, yup, the name is ATM Junio ​​Bank BRI. Junio ​​itself is a special BRI savings account issued directly by BRI Bank which is specifically intended for minors who want to save and make transactions through BRI ATMs.

Of course, this makes it easier if users want to make payments such as paying for school, paying for books, getting monthly transfers from parents, and so on.

Account creation by children under 12 years old must be accompanied by their parents. Meanwhile, in the age range of 12-17 years, users can register alone using an identity card, such as a student card.

What are the Facilities of BRI Bank Junior ATM?

atm junior bank bri
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Junio ​​Bank BRI itself provides facilities that are no less good than facilities on adult accounts or general accounts, because in Junio, you will get the following facilities which we summarize directly from the BRI website:

  • Ease of transacting at more than 9,500 BRI Work Units and 18,000 BRI ATMs throughout Indonesia.
  • Accessibility of BRI Debit Cards on BRI, ATM Bersama, Link, and Prima networks.
  • BRI E-Banking Facilities (SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Notifications, etc.).
  • Free personal accident insurance
    Every customer with a minimum balance of IDR 500,000 is entitled to personal accident insurance with a total coverage of 250% of the last balance or a maximum of IDR 150,000,000.
  • Planner savings facility (Installment Saving Junio).
  • Automatic Transaction Facilities, including:
  • Automatic Fund Transfer (AFT)
    Facility to transfer funds from BRI BritAma Savings to other accounts at BRI on a certain date specified by the customer.
  • Account Sweep
    Facility to transfer funds from BRI BritAma Savings to other accounts automatically, which was previously set up according to the minimum and maximum balance limits set by the customer.
  • Automatic Grab Fund (AGF)
    Facility to withdraw (debit) BRI BritAma Savings funds automatically by a certain account, for example for installment payments on bank loan accounts.

How to register for BRI Bank Junior ATM?

atm junior bank bri
image by freepik

For those of you who want to register for the opening of a Junior Bank BRI ATM, the steps are very simple. There are 2 ways to register for a Junio ​​account opening. The first, my friend can register online, as for the way:

  • First, please open the browser on your cellphone or laptop
    • Read the terms and conditions that apply
    • Then a form will appear, please fill in the form with your real identity

Another way is that you can register offline or come directly to the nearest BRI Bank. The method is very easy, you just have to come to the nearest BRI BANK, then tell the service at the bank that you want to open a Junio ​​account, and later will be directed by the officer to open a Junio ​​account

Now as for the Junior ATM Opening Terms that you need to know, which we summarize directly from the BRI official website, including:

Requirements for Customer Age below 12 Years

  • Don’t have an identity yet
  • Parents have a BRI BritAma/Simpedes Savings account.
  • Parents who do not have an account at BRI can open a BRI BritAma/Simpedes Savings account first.
  • Parent/guardian Identity Opening Document:
    1. Indonesian Citizens: KTP and NPWP
    2. Foreigners : Passport and KIMS/KITAS/KITAP
    3. FC Family card / child birth certificate
  • Fill in the account opening application form.
  • Family Card/Birth Certificate.
  • Initial deposit to Main Account Rp. 250.000,-. BRI Junio ​​saving Rp. 100.0000,-. Total Rp. 350.000,- (Bundling),-

Requirements for Customer Age 12 to < 17 Years (Non-Bundling)

  • Already have a Student Card Identity
  • For junior and senior high school students (equivalent)
  • Fill in the account opening application form
  • Customer Identity Opening Document:
    1. FC Student card certified by the school (with the original)
    2. C KTP Parents / Guardians
    3. Parent/Guardian Statement Letter stating that they know and agree to the application for opening an account and transacting at BRI
  • Personal identity :
  • Indonesian Citizen : Identity Card (KTP)*
  • Foreigners : Passport and KIMS/KITAP/KITAS
  • Initial deposit of BRI Junio ​​Savings is Rp. 150,000,-

How? Interested in opening a Junior Bank BRI ATM? We recommend that you use it because it makes it easy for transactions at ATMs even though you are still under the age of 17

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The final word

Above is an explanation of the Junio ​​Bank BRI ATM, how to register, and the requirements for registering that you can see and follow. It’s quite clear and very easy isn’t it? Please follow me guys!

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