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Examples of good and correct papers and how to make them

Before I give an example of a good and correct paper, I will first discuss about the types of papers that exist. Because by knowing the types of papers, you can make papers with the right flow according to the type.

Types of Papers

Please note that there are 6 types of papers as below:

  1. Scientific Papers: This type of paper contains a discussion of the results of accompanying scientific studies. In the discussion the author should not discuss subjective opinions.
  2. Working Papers: This type of paper contains research results. In this paper the author may give a subjective opinion.
  3. Study Papers: This type of paper contains a discussion of ways to solve a controversial problem.
  4. Position Papers: This type of paper is prepared based on the request of a party, whose function is to solve an existing problem.
  5. Analysis Paper: This type of paper contains an analysis of a problem that is objective and empirical.
  6. Response Paper: This type of paper is most often done by students/students as assignments from teachers/lecturers. The content of the discussion is in the form of the author’s response/reaction related to a problem that occurred.

Details Examples of Good and Correct Papers

Currently, there are more and more examples of good and correct papers that can be seen on the internet. You just type in the keywords on Google, the search results will automatically show examples of the papers you need.

Apart from that, you should know how to write a good and correct paper so that you don’t have to rely on examples of correct papers or examples of short papers that are shared on the internet.

The details on how to write a good and correct paper are as follows:

Determine the Theme of the Paper

If you pay attention to examples of complete papers and examples of short papers on the internet, all of them must have a certain theme. Well, this is an important point that you must pay attention to when making a paper, namely determining the right paper theme.

By determining the theme of the paper, of course you already have a clear flow regarding the content of the discussion in the paper to be made. That way, you can write a paper with a short, precise, and focused discussion on the point of discussion.

Create the Right Title

Determining the title in a paper is crucial. Because the title represents the general discussion contained in the paper. Whatever type of paper you make, be it a short paper or a complete paper with a long description, setting a title is still important.

The essence of making a title is to use sentences that are as concise as possible but attract interest in reading and provide an overview of the contents of the paper.

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Collect Reference Materials

So that the paper you make is more meaningful, collect as many references as possible regarding the material that will be discussed in the paper. After the reference materials are complete, you can take the essence of each reference and mix it up in a solid discussion.

Write Papers Systematically

The quality of a paper is largely determined by the structure of the writing in it. Therefore, make sure the structure of the discussion in the paper is really systematic and orderly, not overlapping.

Complete Scientific Evidence

So that the paper you make is more weighty and trustworthy, try every discussion that requires scientific evidence, you can present the evidence. In this case you can quote from certain references, quote expert words, and so on.

Edit Papers

After the paper is completed, do not rush to submit or publish it. Edit the paper first. Make sure there are no typos (typo), flow errors, and so on.

Example of Complete Paper Structure

Talking more about examples of good and correct papers and how to make them, the existence of a paper structure is something that should not be underestimated. In this case the correct structure of the paper includes:

  1. cover.
    This one is important in a paper, because it contains the title, logo, author’s identity and year of publication, of course this section needs to be considered because the appearance of the cover and title is very influential for people to read the entire contents of the paper.
    For a neat structure in making the cover, it is necessary to pay attention to writing the use of the center rule so that the cover looks neat.
  2. Foreword.
    The next part that must be included in a paper is the introduction, the function of the introduction is as an introduction that will open the general view of the reader to the paper made. There are many examples of how to write an introduction, you can look on the internet and try to find the best for the paper you are going to write.
  3. List of contents.
    This one section will be very important for the readers of the paper you are going to make, because here readers will easily find the important part they want to read. How to make a table of contents is quite easy, because with Microsoft word the creation will be very instant.
  4. Preliminary.
    In this section there will usually be 3 sub-chapters which are the most important part of the content of the paper that you will make, namely Background which will be the answer among the answers that will be made in the paper. The Problem Formulation is a collection of questions that you will explain in this section of the paper and the Objective which is the delivery of the purpose of making the paper.
  5. Discussion.
    This section is the most important part of a paper, it contains a description of the problems to be discussed. But of course the discussion here must be in accordance with the background, problem formulation and objectives. And the contents include the theoretical basis, a description of the material and its solutions and solutions.
  6. Closing.
    This section contains conclusions and suggestions.
  7. References.
    Meanwhile, this section contains the reference sources for the making of the paper. In general, the list of references used can be in the form of journals, books, or valid information from the internet.

Thus information about examples of good and correct papers and how to make them. Hopefully you have no more trouble writing a paper after reading this article.

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