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Epson L'Series Printer Ink Prices, How to Install, and the Advantages

Price Tinta Printer Epson – As we know, that the need for printing is increasing day by day. And to make this job easier, we need a printer. Yes, a printer is a tool that we can use to print important documents. In the market, there are various types and brands of printers that we can buy. To buy it, you can adjust it according to your needs or budget.

However, one of the printers of choice for the community is the Epson printer. The product that is sold quite a lot is the Epson L220 printer with sales of more than 1,000 units every month. This printer is a printer that is used to print documents. There are also other types of L series printers commonly used for photo printing, such as the Epson L800 printer. The Epson L’Series printer itself has many advantages so that many people are looking for it.

Some of the advantages are the additional modification of the printer, namely an additional infusion tube that is directly connected to the cartridge. Other than that, epson printer ink price quite affordable. This time we will try to discuss about the price of ink, the advantages, and how to install it. Listen carefully!

Epson L’Series Printer Ink Price

epson printer ink price

You need to know, for the ink itself on the L’Series type, it is quite affordable. In addition, its use is also not wasteful. In one ink bottle containing 70 ml, can print as many as 4000 sheets. Very great isn’t it? The price is IDR 70,000 to 105,000 per bottle. This price can change at any time depending on the dollar exchange rate and the area where you buy it.

Regarding the price range above, applies to black ink or other colors. For ink codes from Epson L’Series, there are many, some of the popular ones are:

Black Ink Series

  • L5H-8YL-MGG-2CDJ
  • QJK-8M3-8SK-WE7N

Magenta Ink Series

  • 4XP-YJ7-N7Z-6X63

Yellow Ink Series

  • K33-RG2-YRN-XACJ
  • RXU-7VR-XK7-P7JZ

Cyan Ink Series

  • H2X-4UX-7X9-4KCP
  • B84-RUA-MM7-UY85

You need to know, if you buy genuine printer ink, then surely you will get ink with a tight bottle. Never buy ink whose cap has been broken or the ink seal has been opened. Because it could be that the ink is fake, or has been used. So, if you find fake ink, don’t buy it, because it can damage the printer.

How to Fill Epson L’Series Printer Ink

Well, after you price the Epson printer ink, surely you have prepared and bought it, right? Then, let’s talk about how to fill the Epson printer using the ink. First, pay attention to the ink box on your printer, if there is a little left, then you have to fill it up immediately. Here’s how to fill it out:

  • First, you can lift and lower the Epson ink box from the printer. Remember, do it slowly and don’t let the ink hose break or be damaged.
  • Then proceed with opening the cover of the ink tank / cartridge. Place the ink tank on a flat place and do not spill it.
  • Then, you can open the ink filling hole cover.
  • Now, continue with the refill of the ink by pressing the ink bottle slowly into the hole. Do it until the maximum volume.
  • Make sure that you fill it in according to color, and don’t let the color of the ink you enter is different. Because it can damage the printer cartridge if used.
  • When the refill is complete and there is still ink remaining, then close the ink bottle tightly again. Store in a safe place for later use.

That’s the correct way to refill Epson ink. Besides being easy, the method above is also practical. Well, after knowing the price of Epson printer ink and how to use it on a printer, you also have to know what are the advantages of this brand of ink. This is important, so you don’t hesitate when buying it, or can answer when your friend asks why you chose Epson ink.

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Advantages of Epson Printer Ink Compared to Other Brands of Ink

Use Much More Efficient

You need to know that users of this type of printer like it because it is much more economical to use. It can even be used to print thousands of sheets of documents. According to several people who have used Epson printers since 2007, admit that they have used several types of printers. And the most pocket friendly is the Epson L series printer ink.

The Head is Much More Resistant

If you always have problems with the Printer Head, such as often clogged, or other head problems, then you can try the Epson L’Series printer. Yes, with original Epson ink, the head will be more durable and protected from congestion. Keep in mind that the type of ink can also have an impact on the durability of the head. Therefore, PT Epson issued a special ink to maintain the durability of the head

Minimal Disposal

Surely you already know, if the name of the printer is there must be a Head Cleaning process. Yes, Head Cleaning is the process of sucking ink from the cartridge and then dumping it into the disposal behind the printer. This process is carried out if the printout starts to falter. When cleaning with an Epson L series printer, you don’t have to worry.

Because when compared to ink and other types of printers, the quantity is much less. You don’t need to buy ink often because of the cleaning. In addition to minimal waste, the print results are also satisfactory.

Low price

As has been written above regarding the price of Epson printer ink. Of course with that nominal you won’t mind right? Yes, an affordable price is one of the advantages of this ink.

High Print Quality

High print quality is one of the advantages of Epson printer ink. Anyone would not want low quality work, right? Therefore, choosing Epson ink is the right choice. especially if you have a printing business – printing. Of course you don’t want your customers to complain because of low prints, do you?

Rarely Over Head

In terms of the world of printers, the term is known as over head. Overhead is a condition of excess heat due to too much printing process. You will not experience this problem if you use Epson printer ink. This printer has also been tested by printing thousands of papers non-stop.

Can you imagine how strong the Head of this printer is. If all this time you are still printing little by little so that your printer head is awake, then it’s time for you to replace it with an Epson printer and ink.

Easy to Find

To buy Epson ink, you can find it easily. Even in the printing shop around your house, you have also sold it. Usually the printing business also sells this ink. In addition, you can also buy it at online stores such as Lazada, shopee, to Bukalapak.

Well, that’s a review of the price of Epson printer ink, how to install it and some of the advantages. After reading the description above, surely you have no hesitation in using this product, right?

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