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Effective Ways to Overcome IDM Not Appearing on Google Chrome Easily

IDM or Internet Download manager is a software used to download data on the internet and forward it back. This software made in New York is trending among internet users and often performs activities related to downloading data on the internet because this device is able to maximize the speed in downloading data.

IDM was chosen because it has beneficial features for its users. One of its features is that it can continue and re-download previous files that were interrupted during download due to technical or non-technical problems. In addition, IDM also has a feature to segment downloaded files automatically so that it speeds up the download process. For those of you who often download in the browser, an IDM pop up will appear on your browser page, but what if IDM doesn’t appear on Google Chrome? Here’s the explanation.

Why IDM Doesn’t Appear In Chrome?

why doesn't IDM appear in chrome
why doesn’t IDM appear in chrome

When you are about to download a file on the internet, an IDM pop up will automatically appear on your browser page indicating that the download process will take place. However, one time you find the IDM pop up button that doesn’t appear in chrome so you can’t use IDM as a tool to speed up your download process. surely you will ask why IDM does not appear in chrome?

Some of the problems that cause IDM not to appear on chrome include improper installation of the IDM extension causing IDM pop ups to not appear on chrome when you are going to download directly. IDM is an old version and has not been updated to a newer version so it is not able to support and integrate with the google chrome browser application that you use to download files. In addition, IDM is not yet active on your laptop or PC so when you download the IDM pop up button does not appear. That’s the reason why IDM doesn’t appear in chrome.

Once you know the cause of why the IDM pop up doesn’t appear on chrome, you will find it easier to deal with the IDM not appearing on chrome that you are experiencing. Usually, the most common problem encountered when the IDM pop up does not appear in chrome is the installation of an extension that is not correct, causing IDM not to appear. Worry no more, now you can handle it easily.

The following is a way to solve IDM not appearing in chrome that you must know and apply according to your problem.

  • The first step, make sure you have installed IDM with the latest version so you can activate IDM on your Google Chrome.
  • The second step, if the latest version of IDM is installed, then you just have to go to the google chrome settings by clicking the settings menu in google chrome.
  • The third step, you need to check the extension. In the settings submenu you will find the More tools option then click the extensions submenu.
  • The fourth step, after you click the extension menu, you will be redirected to a new page, namely chrome://extensions/. Then it will be seen if there is no IDM extension installed.
  • The fifth step, open the IDM directory by opening Windows Explorer and clicking This Pc then clicking local disk C, then selecting program files and clicking Internet Download Manager.
  • The sixth step is to install the IDM extension on chrome, namely in the IDM folder you just need to find the IDMGCE.crx file and just click and drag the file to the chrome extensions window that you have opened to copy it. After a warning appears on the Google Chrome screen, you just have to choose the Add extension option and IDM is installed and ready to be used as usual to download files on the internet directly.

IDM Not Appearing in Chrome 2021

IDM not showing in chrome 2019
IDM not showing in chrome 2021

By using IDM downloading large files will be faster and more effective. Segmentation of downloaded files will speed up the process of downloading files because in one download file will be divided into 8 or 9 segments and each segment has the same speed and when there are segments that experience obstacles in the download process, the speed in other segments will help speed in the segments experiencing problems. these barriers. Therefore, the IDM pop up problem does not appear in chrome 2021 which does not appear very influential when downloading files or videos on the internet with a size that is large enough.

As we already know that some of the problems that cause IDM not to appear on Google Chrome include using an unupdated version of IDM, IDM extensions that have not been installed properly and IDM that has not been active, causing IDM not to appear on your Chrome so it cannot be used. .

IDM Not Appearing on Youtube Chrome

IDM not showing on youtube chrome
IDM not showing on youtube chrome

Given that IDM is a popular software and is widely used by many people, making IDM a must-have device for laptop and computer users, especially for people who often download videos on YouTube. Using this tool, you can download the videos you want quickly and easily. However, when IDM does not appear on youtube chrome when you are going to download videos from youtube then you cannot use IDM to speed up your download process. To solve this problem you only need to do an extension on chrome and you can directly download your video.

IDM Button Not Appearing in Chrome

idm button not showing in chrome
idm button not showing in chrome

IDM is the most important software that you must have when it comes to downloading videos with a large enough size. The problem that often arises is when the IDM button does not appear in chrome. Here’s how to fix the IDM button that doesn’t appear in chrome.

  • First, open the IDM extension by going to the browser menu then selecting more tools and extensions.
  • Second, find the IDM extension icon. Then uncheck the enabled block after that check again until it is enabled. Check the allow in incognito section so that IDM can be used in private mode.
  • Third, you can directly use IDM to download files and a download button will appear on your chrome page.

IDM Extension Not Appearing in Chrome

IDM extension not showing in chrome
IDM extension not showing in chrome

Another problem that arises in IDM is when the IDM extension does not appear in chrome which causes you to not use IDM. Here are the steps to solve the problem.

  • The first step is to open the Google Chrome application on your laptop.
  • Then, click the 3 dots button on google chrome and select another feature option followed by selecting the Extension option.
  • The next step is to search for IDM by using the IDM keyword
  • The next step is to slide from off to on and done, you can use IDM as usual.

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How to Show IDM on Google Chrome

After the solution above has been reviewed, if the IDM extension or button on Google Chrome does not appear, now we will discuss how to make IDM appear on Google Chrome the easiest and fastest way, but before the IDM button or extension appears on Google, we must first integrate the Internet Download Manager (IDM) to our Google Chrome browser, how do I do it? see the explanation below, my friend.

After my friend has installed the internet download manager (IDM) there will automatically be a notification in your Google Chrome browser for IDM to be integrated, the problem may be that there are some that also don’t appear and are constrained finally IDM is not integrated perfectly on Google, sometimes that’s what is often faced by Many people use IDM. Now here are the steps and how to do it;

1.Open Options

First, you will see the options column in the application. So my friend can open the IDM application, then select Options. A new window will appear (new tab)

2.Select General

The General option is the section that deals with the integration of IDM with many browsers as well as other settings.

3. Check the “Advance Integration” option

Buddy is required to check the mark “Advanced Integration” which is at the very bottom before the “Following Browser” column, this serves to manually integrate IDM into Google Chrome.

4. Check the “Chrome” option

Now, my friend, do you see whether the Google Chrome column is checked? If not, maybe that’s one of the problems, so it’s only natural that your Chrome can’t use IDM. to be able to, my friend, just check the “Chrome” column. But when column CHROME IS ALREADY ticked and still IDM has not been integrated, my friend can re-add the browser to the options OPTION -> SELECT GENERAL -> ADD BROWSER then select the place where google chrome is installed. and restart google chrome, this method is 90% successful because this way we do the integration manually.

To add an extension so that IDM appears on Google Chrome is quite easy and has been reviewed above, but if the above is not clear, you can follow the tips and short steps below:

  • First click the three dots in the top right corner in Google Chrome.
  • Then click the option another feature or other features.
  • Select it and click on the extension.
  • After that your extensions tab opens and you will see what extensions are installed on your google chrome.
  • Then my friend open My Computer.
  • Open Program Files or the place where you installed the internet download manager.
  • Open the Internet Download Manager folder. For the default install, usually for 32-bit windows, it’s at C:Program FilesInternet Download Manager and for windows 64 bit it’s at C:Program Files (x86)Internet Download Manager.
  • Then my friend can open the folder and look for the file IDMGCExt.crx
  • Well buddy stay Drag and Drop the file in the Chrome extension tab that was opened earlier.
  • If it says “Extension can harm” Click “Continue”
  • After that is complete and your internet download manager (IDM) extension is installed on Google Chrome perfectly and is ready to use.

Thus the explanation of the problem of IDM not appearing in chrome and also how to integrate & bring up extensions and also the IDM button on google chrome which often occurs in the internet download manager application that you have. Good luck, buddy!

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