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Easy Ways to View Deleted WA Messages, Want to Know? Easy Ways to View Deleted WA Messages, Want to Know?

Sometimes, the feature of deleting messages in WA is very helpful. However, on other occasions this method is very annoying, because the message that should be read can be deleted by the other person. But, did you know that there is now an easy way to view deleted WA messages? How to do it? Look forward to the answer, by reading it in the next section.

2 Easy Ways to View Deleted WA Messages

Here are some ways you can do it, if you want to take advantage of the feature to view deleted messages. The full explanation can be seen below:

1. Recent Notifications

The first application that can be used is recent notification. You can get this application by looking for it in the play store. Then download and apply it on the cellphone used. Then give access to the application, so that notifications always come on the cellphone. Finally, all deleted messages will appear in the app.

2. Whats Removed+

Another app option is whats removed+. This application has the advantage of being able to provide all the desired notifications. In addition, it can also be used for other applications such as Twitter or Instagram. How to do it?

• First, you have to download the application through the play store. Then do the installation on the cellphone. Then the application is ready to use, from here there will be many pages containing various warnings for using the application.

• The next step is to click the accept button for all existing terms and conditions. Next, grant access to be able to access all notifications. Has the easy way to see the deleted WA done?

• To complete this step, you must decide which application to use. Then press next and you will see several files that have been deleted by the other person. If you agree, set it back so that WhatsApp always downloads files automatically. After that, all the applications and notifications in question, you can have.

Which way do you choose? Decide based on ease of use. A little suggestion, of the two it is more convenient to use whats removed+. Because this easy way to view deleted WA messages can be used for various applications, other than whatsapp.

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