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Easy Ways to Track Lost Cellphones with Email

Do you want to easily track the location of your cellphone or device by email? Buddy can check how to track a lost cellphone with the email discussed below.

Currently, there are many ways and methods to track someone’s location, one of them is by email. Indeed, currently android smartphones are required to have email / gmail as the main account so that smartphones can access anything. But on the smartphone itself, a gmail or google account is created as an identity for the user and the smartphone itself.

Since it contains information about the user and the device used, it can make the location of the user or device trackable with certain access or access rights. Well, this can help you if your smartphone or friend is lost, here you can track it using various methods, one of which is using an application. This method is relatively easy, please follow the method below!

How to Track Location By Email

how to track a lost cellphone with email
  • First, please download the application, buddy Find My Device on the Google Play Store or easily download here, my friend can download it for free.
  • If so, please open it and run the application.
  • Well here buddy, please select the button “Sign in as Guest”
how to track a lost cellphone with email
  • You can then log in with the linked email or login on the device you want to track. Here you can enter your email and password.
how to track a lost cellphone with email
  • Then my friend can Allow or Allow this application.
how to track a lost cellphone with email
  • Yup, we can see the information on the device that is stuck in the email, starting from the battery percentage, username, last seen (last seen), and the most important thing is the location. There you can track the location of the device, because the location will be displayed in real time.
how to track a lost cellphone with email
how to track a lost cellphone with email
  • You can also turn on the sound to find out its existence. In addition to turning on the sound or sound, you can also lock the screen, you know, you can also send messages on the screen that cannot be closed if not from this application, and the most advanced feature is that you can delete or reset the device.

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How to track a lost cellphone by email? sophisticated and easy this application? Please try it yourself to find out the location of the device and user easily and try other features! ?

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