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Easy Ways to Send Whatsapp Messages Without Saving Recipient Numbers

WhatsApp is the most popular chat application today, right? It’s really rich, because right now he doesn’t contact anything using WhatsApp, not only individuals, even for business, he also uses the WA application.

But there is one thing you should know, friend! You can send messages but without having to save the destination number first. So if the number is not very important you don’t need to save it. Want to know how?

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But of course we have to use additional applications because the WhatsApp application requires us to save the destination number. The application in question here is QuickWA which you can download for free on Google Play. Let’s see how below:

Easy Ways to Send Whatsapp Messages Without Saving Recipient Numbers

  • First download the QuickWA application on the Playstore link here, then install it
  • Then open the application and you will be presented with a simple display of the application. In the display there is only a box to fill in the phone number and the contents of the message.
  • Enter the destination phone number and the message content and click send (it’s on the top right)
  • Later the application will directly direct to the WhatsApp application on the cellphone and all you have to do is send it back. That way you don’t need to save your phone number to send WA messages.

How? It’s not easy to send Whatsapp messages without saving the recipient’s number. Hopefully these Android tips & tricks are useful for you!

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