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Easy Ways to Restore Deleted Files on Samsung Phones

Sometimes, Samsung smartphone users accidentally delete files or photos. However, there’s no need to worry anymore when it happens because there are several method restore deleted files on Samsung. When it’s cool to use smart phones with increasingly sophisticated touch screen features, we can just forget and accidentally press the button delete and delete the photo or file. Even though the photo or file is an important file that we still need. But of course, Samsung can’t beat its phone without doing it back up.

Samsung also has a system back up in his cell phone. So that our files or photos have not been completely deleted as long as the phone memory has not changed because it is overwritten with other files or photos or issettings
return to initial settings. However, to restore files or photos that have been deleted, an application or download is required software addition which of course is compatible with Samsung phones.

Type Application Or Software Ycan Used To Recover Deleted Files On Samsung

how to restore deleted files on Samsung
how to restore deleted files on Samsung

application or software to restore files that were accidentally deleted from the phone has been widely circulated and can be easily downloaded from the playstore. Of course the application has received good reviews regarding its success in recovering deleted files. Some applications that can be used to restore deleted files on Samsung phones are:

1. Samsung Data Recovery

Samsung Data Recovery is one of the method for restore files deleted on Samsung. This is the best application to perform android data recovery. This application can be used to recover deleted files such as contacts or phone number lists, text or multimedia messages, call lists and photos from Samsung phones. This application can also restore files in the form of photos, videos and documents that were deleted and stored on the memory card. In addition, it is still possible to preview the details of the file or photo to be recovered. The steps that must be taken to restore files using Samsung Data Recovery are:

  • Download the Samsung Data Recovery application on your computer and follow the instructions to install the application, then run the Samsung Data Recovery program
  • Connect the Samsung mobile device to the computer using a USB cable, don’t forget to enable USB Debugging on the Samsung mobile device
  • Follow the prompts to select the file type to scan. If your Samsung device is rooted then the program will complete the scan automatically, but if the device is not then you can choose to root or continue scanning for incomplete data.
  • Select the “Allow” button to allow the program to scan and analyze the selected file.
  • Select the data in question then find a location to perform recovery, by clicking the “Restore” button to restore data to your computer.
  • If you want the data to be restored on the memory card, then insert the memory card into the computer and select the “Android SD Card Recovery” mode.

2. EaseUS Mobi Saver

Using the EaseUS Mobi Saver app is one of the how to recover deleted files on Samsung. This application is very easy to use on Samsung android devices to save accidentally deleted files, such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos, audio or documents. To be able to recover files using this application is done by:

  • Download the EaseUS Mobi Saver application then install it on your computer device
  • Open the Mobi Saver application then connect to a Samsung mobile device using a USB cable, then click “Start”
  • The program will scan the deleted files, after the scan is complete click “Gallery”
  • Select the photo file you want to recover and make sure the box next to the photo is checked
  • Click “Restore” and select a storage device to restore, be it on your phone or on your computer
  • Click OK and wait for the file to finish recovering

3. Phone Rescue

The Phone Rescue app is one of the types of apps available for free and can recover deleted files on Samsung devices. This application has quite an interesting feature, which can recover more than 25 different types of files very easily. This application can recover those files, even when you forget to back up your data. How to recover deleted files on Samsung using this application are:

  • Download the Phone Rescue application then install it on your computer
  • Connect Samsung device using USB to computer
  • Select the files you want to recover, then right-click to start scanning
  • After the scan is complete, all deleted files will appear
  • Select the file you want to recover, then click the button in the right corner to save it again

Type Application Or SoftwareYcan Used To Return Photo Deleted On Samsung

how to restore deleted files on Samsung
how to restore deleted files on Samsung

Samsung devices are phones that also have an edge in the camera field. When we are cool to take selfies or view the contents of the gallery, sometimes we can forget or accidentally delete the photo. To save valuable photos can be done with the following applications:

1. Samsung Cloud Backup

How to recover deleted photos from samsung can also be done using Samsung Cloud Back Up. This app can be used to recover deleted files from Samsung phones provided they have been previously backed up on Samsung Cloud. However, the drawback of this application is that the files that can be backed up are only photo files. To be able to recover deleted photos using Samsung Cloud Back Up is quite easy and can be done only using a Samsung mobile device, the method is:

  • Open the settings menu on the phone then select “Account and Backup”
  • Select “Back Up and Restore” on the screen on your Samsung device
  • Click “Recover” then select the files to be recovered
  • Click “Recover Now” so that files that have been deleted and are still stored in the cloud will be returned to the Samsung mobile device

2.Disk Digger

Disk Digger is an application that can be used to recover files from Samsung mobile devices, but it can also be used on hard drives, memory cards or USB. This application also supports viewing again the files you want to restore to your mobile device. How to recover Photo deleted on Samsung using the Disk Digger application, namely:

  • Samsung device must be rooted first to recover deleted files
  • Download and install the Disk Digger application on Samsung mobile devices
  • Select “Allow” so that the app can access root and choose not if the app asks to automatically update
  • Locate the file in the folder to be restored to the mobile device, then click “OK”
  • The application will scan the file, then click on “File” and select “Save” to recover the deleted file.

The method above is one example of the latest application that can be used, although there are many other applications that are also compatible with Samsung devices. As savvy Samsung device owners of course we have to anticipate losing our important files, so we must know how to recover deleted files on Samsung well so that there are no regrets in the future.

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