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Easy Ways to Register for BRI Mobile and its Activation

Do you find it complicated if you want to transfer money or check balances, you have to go all the way to the ATM? And my friend wants to practically be able to make transactions anywhere and anytime? Now, my friend, you can use the BRI Mobile Banking application or you can also use the Internet Banking.

Using mobile banking is certainly something that makes it easier for us to manage finances in accounts. By using mobile banking, we don’t have to bother going to ATMs to check balances, transfer money, and other transactions.

With mobile banking, everything is made easier and can save time. With all the advanced and useful features in mobile banking, we are greatly helped by the presence of such technology. Maybe if you don’t currently have mobile banking, you have to be bothered if you want to make financial transactions. Instead of going on like that, let’s take advantage of Mobile banking technology!

Advantages of BRI Mobile Banking

  • Easy
  • User Friendly
  • Can be done at any time
  • Shopping Safety
  • No Additional Devices Other Than HP


  • Account Information
  • Balance Information
  • Account Movement
  • Transfer of funds
  • Transfer Between BRI Accounts
  • Transfer to another bank
  • Scheduled Transactions
  • Add Transfer
  • View Status

How to Register BRI Internet Banking at ATM

If you want to register for BRI Internet Banking, you can do it through an ATM. Here are the steps:

  • First, you can go to the nearest ATM.
  • If so, my friend can choose Transaction, then select Other.
  • Please, my friend, select Menu Registration.
  • Well here there will be several options, my friend can choose Internet banking.
  • Please, my friend, enter the six-digit PIN that you have prepared.
  • Then Confirm the PIN again accordingly.
  • Now then there will be a receipt containing the User ID and address website which will exit and can be used as a sign of successful or successful registration.
  • If you have done the steps above, to complete it, you can confirm with the bank. This is done so that you can get full access to transaction activities at BRI Mobile. You can prepare an ATM card and ID card.

How to Register for BRI Mobile Through Branch Offices

Meanwhile, to register for BRI Mobile, we think this is a simpler way, why? Because by going to the bank directly, you will be assisted by BRI officers and it is guaranteed that you will have no trouble.

So, if you want to go straight to the bank to make it faster and more helpful, you need to prepare the defaults for the requirements for how to register mobile banking BRI or BRI mBanking at BRI branch offices. Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • BRI ATM card buddy.
  • Identity, must bring an ID card.
  • BRI savings account book that matches the ATM card.
  • The cellphone that you have installed the BRI Mobile application.

So, if you have prepared these requirements, please come to the nearest BRI branch office. Please follow the instructions, which will be given and directed by customer services or bank officers.

For example customer service later ask you to fill out the registration form and then assist you in activating your BRI Mobile account and providing m-Token.

Very easy isn’t it?

How to register for BRI Mobile Banking on a cellphone without going to a branch office?

How to Register for BRI Mobile

If you are looking for a way to register for BRI Mobile via cellphone without going to a branch office, it seems that you can’t do it yet. Because so far customers have not been able to register for BRI Mobile without going to a branch office. So you have to keep visiting the branch office for data validation.

However, to just register, you can use your cellphone and the BRI Mobile application. For the rest, you can go to the bank or at least contact BRI bank customer services to get more detailed directions.

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The final word

How? How to register for BRI Mobile via cellphone without going to the bank is very easy, isn’t it? Please, my friend, follow the steps exactly!

With BRI Mobile Banking services, it’s now easier and safer for you to make transactions. Ok, good luck! 😊

Attention! If the above method turns out that you can’t register for BRI Mobile, it would be better to contact BRI Bank CS, you can see it on the official website page at https://bri.co.id/ or want to come to the nearest BRI branch office.

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