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Easy Ways to Overcome IDM That Can't Download

Which of my friends is having problems with Internet Download Manager (IDM) not being able to download or download files? Before knowing this further, my friend needs to know, IDM itself is a default downloader application that has a stable download speed and can be limited so that the internet is not slow during the download process, IDM also has other features that users can enjoy.

When you first try it, IDM can be enjoyed for free for 30 days. After that, you must buy or subscribe to IDM so you can use it forever and get other features.

IDM itself at some time can experience problems, one of which is not being able to download any files, of course it can interfere with our work. The most common cause of the IDM unable to download file problem is that the IDM extension is not installed in the browser. For that, my friend, don’t worry! We will show you how to fix IDM that cannot download files, here’s how;

Enabling IDM Extension on Google Chrome

idm can't download

Here we have 2 ways to install IDM extension on Chrome. Here are the steps to install the IDM extension on chrome offline or without an internet connection.

  1. Please friends click “Customize and Control Google Chrome” or three dots icon in the top right corner.
  1. Friend select “More tools”, next friend choose “Extensions
  1. If so, please open the IDM installation file on Disk C on your laptop, then find the file “IDMGCExt.crx”.
  1. Drag and drop files “IDMGCExt.crx” to the Chrome Extensions page.

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In addition to the offline method, you can also use the online method to install the IDM extension. Here are the steps to install the IDM extension online.

  1. Please, my friend, open the Chrome browser, and download and install it IDM extension.
  1. then click “Add to Chrome”, then select “Add extensions”.
  1. Finished! IDM extension added successfully

There are some trivial things that my friend often forgets, namely forgetting to activate IDM. Forgetting to activate is the cause of IDM on your laptop, you can’t download files. For that, please, my friend, follow this method!

  • Click “Customize and Control Google Chrome” Or you can click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • If so, select More tools, then select Extensions.
  • Activate the IDM extension by swiping right to On.

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Well, apart from Chrome, you can also activate IDM in Mozilla Firefox. Here’s how:

Enabling IDM Extension in Firefox

If IDM does not work when using Mozilla Firefox, you can try to activate the IDM extension in the Firefox browser, the method is also very easy or you can follow each step below.

how to fix idm in Firefox

  • First, my friend, open my mozilla firefox, then open the page Extensions or you can press the button Ctrl + Shift + A.
  • To install the IDM extension, please click Settings or click the gear icon, then my friend select “Install Add-ons From File”

Please find the IDM installation file on Disk C (C:Program FilesInternet Download Manager).

There are 3 xpi format files, here’s a complete explanation that you need to know:

  1. choose idmmzcc.xpi for Firefox versions 1.5 to 26.
  2. choose idmmzcc2.xpi for Firefox versions 27 to 52.
  3. choose idmmzcc3.xpi for Firefox version 53 up to the most recent version.

Note: For how to check Firefox version: open Open menu (three lines icon at top right) – HelpAbout Firefox.

  • Finally, select one of the files according to the Firefox version on your PC or laptop, buddy!
  • Finished! IDM extension has been successfully added

The final word

Well, the above discussion is how to overcome IDM cannot download which we have summarized, this is so that the IDM that you have can work and be able to download files again. But if you have another way, please share it with us via the comments column below. Good luck and good luck! ?

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