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Easy Ways to Overcome Corel Draw X7 Cannot Save

Buddy is having problems Corel Draw X7 Can’t save? And confused how to solve it? Don’t worry, my friend can follow the tips on how to deal with Corel Draw X7 that can’t be saved.

Designing is one of the jobs that is currently needed, especially now that it is all digital. Moreover, graphic design is a target to support product marketing, or advertising, and so on.

Of course a designer needs special software as a productivity supporter to work on making beautiful designs to attract the attention of consumers.

These software include Photoshop, Canva, Corel Draw, and so on. Well, maybe for those who have been in the design world, they are already familiar with these names.

But sometimes there are some complaints from users of each of these applications, including Corel Draw x7. Usually, problems are often encountered, such as not being able to save and this is very fatal, of course, because it is made with great difficulty, but it can’t even be saved. Then how to solve it?

What Causes Corel Draw X7 Can’t Save?

How to Overcome Corel Draw X7 Cannot Save

This general case often occurs because the license from Corel Draw X7 buddy has expired or has expired, it can also be caused because you are using a pirated version, so that pirated ones are detected and make the application unable to save.

Of course, if your corel draw x7 license runs out late or expires, you can buy it or extend the license again through the official corel draw site here > https://www.coreldraw.com/

But if you still don’t want to buy it and use tricks to re-license, you can! Buddy need to pay attention and follow the step by step that we will give below! At the same time later my friend can save the results of your design.

How to Overcome Corel Draw X7 Cannot Save?

  • First, you can open your laptop and go to the browser, here you can use Chrome, or Mozilla, or other browsers, just select it.
  • If so, you can download the PSI_Key_2.dll file via the link > here. The file is an illegal Corel Draw X7 activator and is claimed to be successful.
  • If it has been downloaded, please extract the .zip / .rar file.
  • Next, my friend can Copy Paste the file PSI_Key_2.dll to folder C:Program FilesCommon FilesProtexisLicense Service
  • Now the process of moving the activation file is complete.
  • To make sure your Corel Draw x7 license is active or not, here you just need to press the key combination Windows logo + R at the same time, then type Services.msc and Enter.
  • Here you can find a program with the name Protexis Licensing, and make sure the program is running or started. That way, corel draw that can’t save, print, import, export will function normally again.


We do not guarantee the above methods will work 100%, because we do not know so far the above trick still works or not because it has been detected by the developer.

To be safe, my friend can only extend the official license, besides that it is easy and safe, you can also get an update or additional feature. Also no need to worry about the application being an error.

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The final word

Well above is how to overcome Corel Draw X7 can’t save, my friend can follow this method. If that doesn’t work either, we highly recommend buying the official license. Ok, good luck and good luck! 😊

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