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Easy Ways to Open Enc Files On PC and Android / iOS

Buddy having trouble opening the enc file? Very fitting! This article will read how to easily open an enc file. But first you have to know what a file with enc format is.

What is an enc format file?

Now enc itself stands for encryption. Enc format file is a file security where the file will have a password with enc format. The file with this enc format is a config file from whatsapp / other chat applications. In short, the enc file is a protected file. Okay, no need to linger, let’s just discuss!

How to Open Enc Files on Laptop

how to open enc files
  • First, please, friends, open the folder where the enc file is placed.
  • Then right click on the file format .enc
  • Then there will be many choices, my friend choose “send to“.
  • So here, my friend, select the option “Compressed (zipped)“.
  • Now if you have, later the file with the enc extension will turn into a .zip format file
    For example androidphone.enc will change to androidphone.zip.
  • Next, please, my friend, open the file that has become a .zip by: extract it. The trick is, my friend, select the option “Extract All” on the top toolbar.
  • Next, a menu box will appear, please select the folder where the extracted files will be placed.
  • If so, my friend, click “Extract“.
  • Finally, a new folder will appear containing enc file.

Well sometimes there is a problem that is the file that still cannot be opened. What caused it? usually occurs due to errors or corrupted files.

How to prevent it? it’s best when you move the ENC file to your laptop, make sure the USB cable used is in good condition or not damaged. Make sure you use the original data cable, okay? And make sure the laptop battery is charged.

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How to Open Enc Files Via Android & iOS

In addition to opening ENC files with a PC or Laptop, it turns out that you can open ENC files through Android, you know, with the help of third parties or applications. There are lots of applications in the play store to open enc files, but here we only give 2 examples, namely using the Zarchiver application and through the browser.

Curious? Please keep an eye on it!

Opening Enc Files With Zarchiver App

how to open enc file on android
  • First, friends, please visit the Play Store or the Apps Store and search for “Zarchiver” then install.
  • If it is already installed, please open the application.
  • If so, we will automatically enter the file manager which contains the folders. Please, friends, look for the .enc file which you want to open.
  • Then click file .enc After that, many options will appear. So here, please, my friend, choose “extract”.
  • Done, the file can be opened and viewed!

Very easy isn’t it?

Opening Enc Files With Browser

In addition to using the application, you can open an enc file online, you know, by using a converter “Extract.me”. How to?

how to open enc files
  • First, open the browser on your cellphone. whatever, it can be chrome, UC, or whatever.
  • If so, please go to the site, my friend extract.me/id.
  • Then click the button “Select Files” to select the .enc file that you want to open as shown above.
  • If you have selected a file, then my friend waits for a while, just a moment. to convert the .enc file.
  • Tara! then the .enc file is already open. Here you can download it in .zip format

Very easy isn’t it?

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The final word

Well, the discussion above is an easy way to open .enc format files via Laptop / PC and Android or iOS that you can follow. If you have another way, is it really okay to share it with all of us via the comments column below? OK, good luck with that!

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