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Easy Ways to Embed Chat on Whatsapp Application!

Did you know, there is a WhatsApp feature that serves to embed a message so that it always appears at the top when we open it! Well, in this discussion, we will give tips on how to embed a WhatsApp chat.

Whatsapp is currently able to dominate the communication platform in almost parts of the world. Whatsapp itself has a simple display design but has a lot of useful features. Thanks to the other features and conveniences it offers, WhatsApp has become very popular.

The features offered by WhatsApp are various, such as voice messages, sending messages with videos, sending messages with pictures, sending files, broadcasts, group features, pinning chats or pins, and so on. Many users are happy to use its features, one of which is the embedded chat or Pin feature. What is a chat pin? Pin chat or pin means the chat or message from the user selected is always on the top side even though a lot of incoming chats.

Now this feature is very helpful when users want to reply quickly and don’t ‘drown’ messages from important colleagues such as business partners, girlfriends or whoever it is. How do I embed a chat? Read on!

How to Embed a Message on Whatsapp

  • First, please, my friend, open your cellphone and open the application whatsapp
  • Next, you can find the chat you want to embed.
  • To select it, my friend can hold or click for 2 seconds on the chat that you want to embed.
  • Then later several icons will appear above it, to pin it, my friend can select the pin icon that we have marked red above
how to pin whatsapp chat
  • Yup, messages or chats from friends or groups of friends that are important have been successfully pinned.
how to pin whatsapp chat

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Don’t worry, as long as the chat is pinned, even though thousands of messages come in, the pinned or pinned chat will still be on top.

Well, if you no longer want to pin or pin messages from friends or groups of friends, you can follow the method below.

  • Buddy can select the chat you want to remove from the Pin
  • If so, hold down or click congrats 2 seconds. Then the icon above will appear, you can select the Pin icon again.
how to pin whatsapp chat
Picture of how to embed a whatsapp chat
  • Yup, the message was successfully unpinned or not pinned.

How? So easy right?

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The final word

The discussion above is how to embed chat on whatsapp that you can try easily and quickly which might help you.

Good luck! ?

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