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Easy Ways to Download Movies on Laptops 100% Successful

Movies from the past until now, are entertainment that many people like. Old, young, women, men, and all ages enjoy watching movies. Especially nowadays, there are many cool films set in CGI technology that seem real. Besides sci-fi themed films, romance films such as Korean dramas also seem to be very popular in Indonesia and other countries. Usually women like to watch slick romance dramas served by Korean dramas or Korean romance films that make them addicted to watching, because of the storyline and the atmosphere of the film that relates to real life.

Okay, without further ado, we will share how to easily download movies on a laptop. Straight to!

Via Slick Movie Site

how to download movies on laptop via filmapik

The first way is that you can stream and download movies through this illegal site, which is a slick film. On this site, there are various kinds of films with various categories that you can choose from. You can stream and download movies as you like. How to?

  • First, please open your laptop or cellphone, then open a browser such as Chrome or Mozilla.
  • Next, please copy the IP address of the following slick film
  • If so, paste / paste in the search link in your browser.
  • Well, later on, my friend will go to the slick film site, please, my friend, select the films that you want to watch. There are many categories, moreover there is a Korean drama category that romance lovers like to look for.
  • Besides being able to watch it live, you can also download it. to download it, my friend can first click the film, then later on the bottom side of the frame, there is a download button. Well my friend can just click and yup my friend can watch it through your laptop.
how to download movies on laptop

Eitss.. but before continuing, my friend needs to know the risks and weaknesses if you download movies through pirated sites. Among others :

  • The risk of entering the virus through the link that we click on
  • Poor picture/film quality
  • Lots of annoying pop up ads
  • Risk of hacking personal data

But don’t worry, not all illegal sites are like that. Many are also quite safe and easy to download the film.

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Via Youtube & SaveFrom.net

how to download movies on laptop

Furthermore, how to watch and download movies can be through YouTube, you know! The reason is that on YouTube there are films that are uploaded through people’s/non-official channels. Well, to watch and download it, my friend can do like this

  • First, my friend, please search for the name of your movie through the search tool. It’s true that not all movies are available on YouTube, but maybe if you’re lucky you can find the movie.
  • If you have found the film, you can download the film by copying the video link.
  • Next, my friend, open the youtube video download site at https://id.savefrom.net/7/ there.
  • Paste the video link, then please, my friend, choose the video resolution that you want to download.
  • Wait for it to finish, and happy watching!

List of Some Other Movie Download Sites

The last way we provide to download movies from a laptop is to use illegal sites like the first method above. So, here are the movie streaming links that you can visit, including:

1. https://roomcinema21.xyz/
2. https://bioskop.uk/
3. https://gudangfilm.us/
4. https://soapgate.online/
5. http://nagaxxi.net/

However, we do not guarantee that the site can still work or not when you read this article, because the IPs of these sites often change periodically. To fix this, my friend can search through google search. Here are the names of the sites:

* Indoxxi
* LK21
* Cool Cinema
* screen display21
* warehousemovie21
* cinema21
* ganool
* cinemaindo
* dramaqu
* drakorindo
* chordramas

You can search for yourself and just click on the site, but stay alert and careful because viruses can get stuck on the site.

If you want it to be really safe, we recommend that you subscribe to Netflix, Viu, MaxStream or various movie watching services on a laptop which are certainly legal, because there is no expensive subscription fee, just pay a minimum of 50 thousand, you can watch as much as you want between these services. So if something is safe, why should it be unsafe!

The final word

Maybe the discussion above is how to easily download movies on a laptop. Please try it yourself buddy, good luck! ?

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