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Easy Ways to Create ISO Files with Various Application Options

Buddy is having trouble not knowing how to create or change an ISO file? this article is the answer! ISO files are usually used to store installer data for an application or programming or even a game. Some of the other benefits of ISO files are that you can save many files at once into one, so that Manage data becomes easier, and the most important thing is that you can use it for your purposes backup.

Various Applications for Creating ISO Files

How to make your own ISO file is practically easy, namely by using a PC or laptop, but you have to prepare an application to make it first. There are many software options to easily create ISO files, and here we will explain how to create ISO files using a selection of software, including NERO, Daemon Tools, PowerISO and the popular ones are WinRAR,. To download it, we recommend that you download it on their respective official sites, yes.

Curious how to create an ISO file with some of the applications mentioned? Just take a look below

Creating ISO Files With PowerISO Application

Creating ISO files with Poweriso
  • So as usual, you can download or download the PowerISO application first or you can visit this page http://www.poweriso.com/
  • If it has been downloaded, please install PowerISO
  • Next, please, buddy, insert the CD/DVD you want to make an ISO file
  • Then select Copy what’s on the Toolbar
  • If so, please, my friend, choose Make CD / DVD / BD Image Files…
  • Then the ISO maker window will appear, then select CD/DVD
  • So, my friend, create a file name, then select the ISO format
  • Click OK, my friend has to wait for the process only a few minutes.
  • Done, the ISO file can already be used.

Creating ISO Files With WinRAR Applications

create iso file with winrar

Usually, most people think that the WinRAR application can only be used to compress files, but in fact there are several uses, one of which is creating ISO files. How to?

  • First, my friend, download and install WinRAR first if you don’t have it. But if you have, don’t forget to update it first.
  • Then open the file explorer, my friend can choose which file you want to be an ISO file.
  • Then please right-click on the file, then select Options Add to Archive (Add to Archive).
  • Before saving it, make sure you save it in ISO form by changing the writing format .rar Becomes .iso
  • Click OK and my friend wait for the process to finish.

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Creating ISO Files With Daemon Tools Application

create an iso file using deamon tools
  • First, you can download or download the Deamon Tools application on the official website www.daemon-tools.cc

To be able to enjoy the full features, you have to spend around 50 thousand to buy it. But don’t worry, there is a free version too, so don’t be sad, hehe.

  • If it’s downloaded, don’t forget to install it first
  • Next, insert the CD / DVD you want to make an ISO file
  • Then select Create Disk Image
  • Well, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice Target Image File, click the three dots that you can find at the bottom of the text, then select CD/DVD
  • On the window Save as, my friend choose the option Standard ISO Image (*.iso)
  • Then give the file name as you like, don’t forget to click save yes.
  • Well if you have, click Start to start the process
  • Yup, after the process is complete, the ISO file can be used

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Creating ISO Files With Nero Aplikasi Application

create ISO file using Nero

To create an ISO file, as for the way, namely

  • Install Nero App, if you don’t have it, you can download it at nero.com
  • If so, install and open the application.
  • Then you can enter the menu Image Recorder.
  • Next, select the option Copy and Backup, and select again Burn Image to Disk.
  • Then a new window will appear. Please, my friend, select the desired data.
  • Well, my friend can follow the guide given.
  • Finally, a window will appear to save. Select file format ISO.
  • Done, my friend has created an ISO file

The final word

The method above is how to create an ISO file easily and quickly, you can just choose one application, you don’t have to download and use all of them, choose what you think is easy and fast. We recommend using WinRAR because it’s the fastest way.

If you have another way, it’s really okay to tell us all through the comments column below. Thank you and good luck mate! ?

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