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Easy Ways to Check iPhone Authenticity 100% definitely Not Fooled

The iPhone is an Apple smartphone that is currently a competitor to Android. iPhone continues to innovate with its technology to meet user needs. Many Android users have switched to using the iPhone because of its classy specifications and design.

However, just like Android smartphones, the iPhone is also widely imitated and even imitated in such a similar way. If you are currently using an iPhone, maybe you are wondering whether your iPhone is really a genuine item or a fake iPhone designed in such a way?

Instead of asking questions, just look at the explanation below, we will share how to check the authenticity of the iPhone that you can try.

Method iPhone Authenticity Check

1. Check IMEI and iPhone Information

The first way you can try to find out if your iPhone is original or not, you can go through this method, which is to check your IMEI. IMEI is the machine serial number issued by the factory as a cellphone identity. So there are several ways to check it, such as:

  • Check Through the Settings Menu

Here you can enter the settings menu or click the gear icon on your iPhone and then you can search for cellphones. There is information on the cellphone along with its IMEI number.

  • Check Through Cellphone Cardboard

Apart from going through the settings menu, my friend can also see the IMEI through the cellphone box. Usually the IMEI number can be seen on the side or bottom of the box, or on the inside of the box. Please, my friends, find out for yourself!

  • Check Mobile Information With IMEI Through the Website

So, if you are still curious about information about your cellphone, you can try how to find out your cellphone information from the IMEI through the website. How to?

  • First of all, please visit the site imei.info
  • If so, enter your mobile IMEI number in the search bar.
  • If you have written down the IMEI number of your cellphone, then please fill in the Captcha and click the “Check“.
  • Now my friend has to wait a few seconds, later on the website page will appear information on the IMEI number containing the model, manufacture company, year of release, to hardware specifications. Here you can find out if your iPhone is genuine or not.
  • Finished!

2. Check iPhone Screen

The next way to check the authenticity of the iPhone to find out if your iPhone is genuine or not is to check the screen. The iPhone itself has a technology called Retina Display. This technology allows the iPhone screen to be very clear.

Because the retina display itself has a very small and tight matrix, so to see the distance between the matrix or pixels, you need a zoom tool such as a magnifying glass. This allows the retina display to make the iPhone screen have a high resolution that other cellphones don’t have.

Now, fake or imitation cellphones don’t have screen technology like that, aka the screen is not as clear as the original iPhone. Please, friends, compare.

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3. Via the App Store

CAnother way to find out if an iPhone is authentic is to look at the Apps Store app. The Apps Store is the same as the Play Store on Android. Which serves to download applications and such. Now on fake iPhone phones, the Apps store is not owned and even if there is it cannot be accessed, and also many Apps Stores are modified externally, when we enter the apps store, we instead enter the Play Store or Windows Phone Store. We can be sure 100%, the iPhone is fake or KW.

4. Check Price Information and Compare

In this way, my friend can find information on the price of the iPhone that you have when you buy it. You can search through the internet in forums or in articles. If your cellphone is new but when you buy it at a price much cheaper than the market price in general, you can be sure it’s a fake iPhone.

5. iPhone Material Check

The next way to make sure your iPhone is genuine or not is to pay attention to the material you have. On the original iPhone, the metal material on the case feels stronger and doesn’t scratch easily. And conversely, on a fake iPhone, the material on the casing tends to be more prone to scratches.

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6. Via iTunes Software

iTunes itself is the official software made by the Apple company to allow the iPhone to access or enter songs, files, videos and so on. In iTunes itself, iTunes will only read or detect the original iPhone. So if your iPhone is not detected, you can be sure that your iPhone is fake.

To find out the iPhone through iTunes, here’s how:

  • First, you can connect or plug your iPhone into your PC / Laptop or Mac.
  • If so, please install iTunes on your PC.
  • Then open iTunes, now if iTunes can detect the iPhone device that you are connecting to, you can be sure that the iPhone you have is a genuine product. If it is not detected, it means that your iPhone is fake.

7. Check Through External Memory Slot

Now the last way to find out the authenticity of the iPhone is that you can see the body of your iPhone, whether it has a slot for an SD card or not. The reason is, on the original iPhone, the iPhone does not have an SD card slot or external memory. If your iPhone has a slot for an SD card, get ready to be disappointed because it turns out that the iPhone is fake or KW.

How? Isn’t it easy to check? Please, my friend, check the authenticity of your iPhone carefully. If it turns out that your iPhone is fake, you can report it to the store where you bought it. And this can also be a lesson for the future for friends and all of us to be careful before buying an iPhone! ?

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