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Easy Ways to Check Indosat Cellphone Numbers With 100% Success

Friend Indosat users who want to top up their credit but don’t know or forget their cellphone number? Do not panic! You can see the article on how to check your Indosat cellphone number.

Yup, HP numbers are often forgotten by users, even though the cellphone number itself is an important thing for smartphone users. Mobile numbers can be used as user identities to communicate remotely.

Mobile numbers are also often used for important things, such as filling out forms, submitting requests, and so on. So many problems are found from provider users, such as Indosat provider. Many Indosat users forget that they don’t even know how to check their own cell phone number. Here we will answer the problem, please read on to find out!

Check Indosat Number Using Call Service / Dial UP

The first way you can try to check your Indosat cellphone number is to use a calling service. This method is certainly very easy and does not need an application to follow it, my friend just opens the call menu or Dial Up. Here are the codes to check it:

Here you can press the code on the call menu. If so, my friend select ok or yes. After that, you can wait a few seconds. Yup, your Indosat number will immediately appear on your cellphone screen!

Call Code *123*7*2*1#

Just like the method above, you can enter a combination of the code above. Then later, your Indosat number will appear and appear on your cellphone screen.

Call Code *888*1*1#

Just like the two codes above, this code also functions to display your Indosat phone number easily and quickly. The method is the same, you only need to enter this code combination in the call menu or Dial Up. Please try buddy!

How? Very easy, isn’t it the method above to check Indosat’s cellphone number with the call menu?

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Check No Indosat Using the My IM3 App

How to Check Indosat Mobile Number

Now, another way to find out or check your Indosat cellphone number, you can use the official Indosat application, namely: My IM3. This application was launched by Indosat itself to help and make it easier for users to enjoy the services available on IM3 easily and with just a few clicks. The examples of services on My IM3 itself are,

  • Buy IM3 starter pack
  • IM3 starter card activation
  • Transaction and usage history
  • Favorite package list
  • Member Get Member
  • Check 4G network coverage
  • Real-time notifications
  • PIN & PUK Information
  • Store information and online booking,
  • And others.

Yup, you can also try this application to find out your Indosat number! How to?

  • First, you can first download the MY IM3 application via the Google Play Store or you can click here!
  • If it has been downloaded, my friend can open and run the application.
  • Later you will be asked to register or register first.
  • Now, if you have registered, you can enjoy Indosat’s features or services easily and quickly, including checking your Indosat cellphone number if at any time you forget to return your cellphone number.

How? It’s very easy, isn’t it the way to check if Indosat’s cellphone number is active or not?

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The final word

Please, friends, try the method above to be able to check your Indosat cellphone number easily and quickly. You can share this method with friends or relatives who need it! If there is something you want to ask, my friend can write a question in the comments column below! ?

Good luck! ?

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