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Easy Ways to Check IndiHome FUP So You Know Fair Usage Limits

How to Check Indihome FUP – In this modern era and all relying on the internet, many providers offer internet subscriptions for their needs, for example, such as Smartfren, Telkomsel, Indosat, and many others. One of the best is Indihome. The Fiber Optic-based internet service is available in several internet package options, ranging from 10 mbps to 100 mbps.

Indihome itself has implemented a new policy, which even though the data package offered is Unlimited, Telkom provides a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limit which will affect the internet speed used. The FUP limit given is still quite reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about the internet being slow or taking long when it reaches the FUP limit.

Get to know IndiHome Internet Quota Limit

The FUP usage limit for each Indihome internet package is different. Indihome also divides it into two, namely FUP 1 and FUP 2 limits FUP 1, Then the internet speed is lowered to 75%.

Whereas for FUP 2 Becomes 40%.

Note: The above provisions do not apply if you subscribe to the Indihome 100 mbps internet package, because Telkom only applies the FUP 1 limit of 50% on the 100 mbps package.

As for us, we give an example of the FUP limit referred to above as follows:

The 10 mbps Indihome Internet package is the cheapest package. Subscription costs start from 200 thousand for online internet packages. However, if it is complete with UseeTV and Telephone, the subscription fee is more expensive.

Now for those who subscribe to the package, Indihome provides a quota 300GB. If the quota usage exceeds 300GB, then the speed is reduced to 7.5 mbps (75%). Then when it exceeds 400GB, the internet speed becomes 4mbps (40%).

On the 20 mbps subscription package itself, if usage has exceeded 500GB, then your internet speed will be lowered to 15 mbps (75%).

Furthermore, when usage has arrived 800GB, the speed will be lowered to 8 mbps (40%).

And so on up to 100Mbps,

*notes: on the 100 mbps package only 50% FUP 1 is applied

you can check it yourself later according to each Indihome subscription speed, pal!

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Immediately without further delay, we will share How to Check Indihome FUP Limit specifically for friends, here’s how:

How to Check IndiHome FUP Via PC / Computer

  • For those who want to check on a computer, you can visit the official Indihome website via the following link: Click Herei or you can visit the indihome.co.id web page.
how to check indihome fup
  • Next go to the menu “myIndhome” in the upper right corner.
how to check indihome fup
Check IndiHome
  • Then just log in by clicking the “Enter
  • Then enter the address e-mail and password which previously my friend has registered through the site.
How to Check Indihome FUP
  • If you are already logged in, then click account name in the top right corner, then click “Subscription Status
  • After clicking on the subscription status, the number of internet usage for a month will appear as in the example below
How to Check Indihome FUP

We just look at the amount of internet usage that has been used. If the amount exceeds Indihome’s FUP, the speed will be lowered. In addition, you can also view information about the number of UseTV Channels, to telephone bonuses.

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How to Check IndiHome FUP Via Mobile

How to see limits FUP through your cellphone, the method is quite easy, almost the same as through a PC, as for those who want to check via a smartphone, namely:

  • First, download the myIndiHome application on the Google Play Store or App Store for iPhone users.

Or if you are confused, you can download it from the play store at this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.telkom.indihome.external

MyIndihome app logo

The application is quite light, only about 23 mb.

  • After the application is downloaded, then stay login with your registered account.
  • Then go to the menu “Subscription Status“.
  • After the subscription status is clicked, it will display the amount of your internet usage for a month.

Very easy isn’t it? just try it!

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