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Easy Steps How to Create Podcasts and Upload on Spotify

As you know and hear, there’s currently a lot of hype about podcasts, right? Like the famous podcaster Dedy Corbuzier who is always trending on the Youtube channel.

In addition, there is also the MLI or Majlis Lucu Indonesia which was acted by Tretan Muslim and Coki Pardede, making discussions that contain jokes and characteristics that make many people like to listen to their podcasts.

What are Podcasts?

Before you really want to become a podcaster, you need to know what podcast means.

According to sources from the Oberlo page, Podcasts are audio broadcasts that are loaded on a web page or other platform. Well the term itself is taken from the iPod and Broadcast.

Pod is a media player from Apple’s ‘iPod’ and a cast of the radio term ‘Broadcast’.

Then what about Dedy Corbuzier’s Youtube channel? are they still called podcasts? hmm.. you can judge for yourself.

One application that offers a podcast feature is spotify, this music listening application also provides features Podcasts to listen and also create a personal podcast channel.

Take a look at the Spotify brand you have! There have been a lot of Podcasts that have appeared on the homepage, haven’t they? From romance to horror, everything is fully presented on the Spotify channel.

Now it’s time for you to become a podcaster, not just a spectator or a listener!

Creating Podcasts on Spotify

how to make a podcast on Spotify (1)

For how to create a Podcast while uploading it on Spotify, the method is quite easy for you to follow, here are the steps:

  • First, please go to the Spotify page for Podcaster, then log in using your registered account!
  • Next, you can select “Get Started” on the “Submit your Podcast” page
  • Later, “terms and conditions” will appear, please read it first!
  • If you have read “Terms and Conditions”, check the box and then click “Continue”
  • Then my friend, please enter the RSS feed link in the box provided, yes!
  • The next step, my friend, please enter the title and cover of the podcast that you have created, then click “Next”
  • Don’t forget, friends here can add categories, country names, languages, or service providers in the “Add Podcast Info” section.
  • If so, click “Next” again
  • Finally, friends, don’t forget to double-check the detailed information and also the podcast that you want to upload! If you are completely sure to share it, please click “Submit”!

What to prepare To Create Podcasts?

  • Setting Up a Printed Narrative (the bullet points only)
  • For Maximum Results, Prepare a Qualified Microphone
  • Use a Voice Editing App, such as Digital Audio Workstation or any other sound editing app on the Play Store.

Alternative Podcast Service Provider Besides Spotify

For those of you who want to try uploading Podcasts other than Spotify, you need to know, there are lots of channels that provide Podcast services that you can download or listen to and share stories there. Here’s a list of our best Podcast channels for friends:

  • iTunes: yup, iTunes, who doesn’t know this seasoned channel? The first channel to provide podcast since 2005 this allows you to be able to upload Podcasts, you know!
  • Stitchers: other recommendations for service providers podcast is Stitcher. This one platform can also function as a radio service provider, you know! Here you can upload your podcast story!
  • Procasts: This application also seems to be quite famous, here specifically to provide podcast for fellow users smartphone both Android and iOS.

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The final word

How? Pretty easy isn’t it how to make a Podcast on Spotify? Please, my friend, follow the steps so that your Podcast is successfully uploaded or uploaded on Spotify!

Good luck and be creative! 😊

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