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Ease of How to Download Files on Slideshare

If you are a student, a teacher, or a lecturer who is related to education and needs PowerPoint, then you need to know one of the sites by the name of SlideShare. Because this site allows you to share infographic presentation slides and documents widely with online media. Slide Share is one of the most popular presentation and document platforms owned by LinkedIn. LinkedIn itself is a professional networking platform, while the users themselves are more likely to focus on business.

Slide share itself has a lot of users. In its website, it was last known to have a number of users around 80 million people. Meanwhile, there are various categories and there are also lots of share slideshows that can be downloaded. In his last survey there were 40 different categories and also millions of share slideshows that you can download. With a very large number of users, the potential to reach a wider and larger audience through slither is definitely there. In addition to the already broad reach, the reach is also increasing because with many users, many PowerPoints will be updated and it will make it easier for other users, when searching for PowerPoint in Slide Share. Good news for those of you who have never used Slide Share, because Site Search is a free service or can be called free when uploading, reviewing and downloading information published on this web.

People who may need a website that will be of use to them are people who work as business owners, educators, lobbyists, marketers, sales professionals, students. Anyone who needs Slide Share to help with their work will be able to easily use and take advantage of the Slide Share website, to be used as a website that addresses their needs which will certainly be very profitable for them.

For that, if you belong to several people who have jobs like the one above, you definitely need
how to download files on SlideShare. Because the web browser is not a website that is very easy to use for ordinary users. Other than that, how to download SlideShare without login you can actually do it, but there are a few tricks you should know to be able to do that.

How to Download Slideshare Without Login

Want to know how to download SlideShare without login? Here will be shown how to download SlideShare without login:

1. Open a web browser on PC

The first step for how to download SlideShare without login You can open any web browser you have on your PC. Also make sure that the internet connection is running smoothly and connected to your PC, so that later when downloading the PPT the internet connection will not interfere with the download.

2. Go to the Slide Share site

After you open your web browser, the next step is to open the Slide Share website. To open a web browser, you can search for it on Google using the SlideShare keyword, then the first Web will appear on the original Slide Share website or you can also type in the search field directly ‘www. Slideshare.net’ to be sent directly to the Slide Share website.

3. Search files

Next way to how to download SlideShare without login is to find a file that will be downloaded later. Here you can search for files by typing keywords in the search field and you can immediately click enter to immediately find out whether the file you need is available or not on the Slide Share website.

4. Download files

If you have found a file that matches you or the file you need, then you can download the file by copying the file url. To copy a url you can click on the whole url and right click on the mouse, then select copy or copy or you can also use ctrl+c. The copy was then copied to a new website with the name simply debrid, but first you have to visit this website from simply debrid in the new tab menu. Then you can make sure the OL that has been copied earlier is in the column that is available on this website and then just click on the Generate Link box. After that, you can scroll down until you find the green download menu tab and you just click the link. Then a new menu tab will appear that displays a new download pop-up, then you can select OK and the later file is automatically downloaded on your PC.

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After knowing how to download Slide Share, then there are some benefits that you can get if you use the Slide Share website. Some of them such as:


Easy to learn as well as use. There are several tutorials from third parties that provide how to use Slide Share which will definitely help you understand how Slide Share works.

Slide Share helps you analyze your content

Slide shares help you measure how often or with what audiences interact with your content if you upload content to a slide share.

Free to use

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or solo professional and perhaps on a tight budget, free SlideShare is an affordable marketing option for your content marketing needs.

Reach many professionals

LinkedIn as the parent company of Caesar is a professional networking website and therefore slenser users will tend to be more business oriented than users found on various other networking sites.

Easy way to download Slide Share files

The ease of downloading files from the Slide Share website is very helpful for its users. Because with the ease of downloading various kinds of data on the slide share website, its users really feel benefited from the presence of this website. A website that makes it very easy for its users to download various kinds of available data in an easy, safe and comfortable way and free of cost.

That’s a brief explanation of the article about How to download Slide Share files. Hopefully this article can help you meet the needs of downloading files on the slide share website.

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