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Do not panic! Here's How to Unlock a Locked Phone

Currently, the sophisticated mobile phone makes us feel dependent on the need for mobile phones. Mobile contains a lot of information or important things for our daily lives. The average cellphone is also a place to put personal secrets which other people shouldn’t know.

But what happens if at any time we forget the pattern or pin to open the screen? Surely most people would feel panicked! However, don’t panic! We can help you friends how to Unlock a Locked Phone, this method can be used for various types of cellphones including Samsung, ASUS, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, LG, Cross, Advan and or even Xiaomi and Blackshark.

Unlock Locked HP!

phone lock code

If you are told not to panic, this might be difficult to do, especially if your cellphone has important data that affects your work, but instead of panicking and adding new problems, you should try some of the steps that we provide. Maybe without further ado, we’ll talk about it, make sure you listen and make sure you’re careful about every step!

Using the “Forgot Password” Feature

The first, easiest way to open a locked HP pin is to use the default feature, namely “Forgot Password”, so without further ado, see below,

  • First, if you forget your pattern or password, try entering a good password security code “Pattern” or “PIN“random and my friend try to do it several times until the option appears”Forgot Password/Pattern“.
  • Then my friend select the option, “Forgot the password / Forgot Password“.
  • After that doSign In“Using your friend’s gmail account on the cellphone.
  • Input “Username” and “Password“Gmail belongs to my friend.
  • Finally, my friend select the option “Sign In” or “Login” and wait for the process to finish.

However, this feature is not available on some mobile phones, but don’t worry, we will tell you the next method, stay tuned!

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Using Samsung Find My Mobile

This one method will help my friend to unlock the locked Samsung cellphone pin. But of course this can only be done if the cellphone you have is an output from Samsung.

Samsung Find My Device itself is an official site and application released by Samsung to help its users. This method is also very easy and the most important thing is safety! How to?

How to Unlock Samsung HP via Laptop / PC,

  • First, open the Find My Mobile site in the browser or you can click here , next friend should login or Sign In with your Samsung account. but if you have never set up a Samsung account, this method will not work!
  • Then after buddy login to the Samsung account, click the button “Lock my screen” in the left pane. So from here, my friend, enter the new PIN and click the “Lock”.
  • In a few minutes, a form will appear to change your lockscreen pin password to a new pin password.
  • Wait and if you have immediately try to use the pin that you have updated on your locked cellphone!

That is one way to unlock the screen of a locked Samsung phone. But for those of you who have a cellphone that is not a Samsung brand, you can see the discussion below!

Using Android Find My Device

Find My Device itself is an official app and web made by Google. So that various brands of Android cellphones can use this method, here you can use a browser on your Laptop / PC or you can also borrow a friend’s cellphone to open the Google Find My Device application or web.

The first step for sure is that you have to go to the Android Find My Device page or if you use a cellphone, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store or click on it. here .

  • If you have logged in, you will be asked to log in first with your friend’s Google account which is on a locked cellphone, later there will be three options, namely ring, Key, or delete. Then you choose Key or Lock.
  • Refresh with the browser or application several times if your device is not found.
  • After clicking the button Lock or Lock, you are asked to enter a new password, which will replace your pattern, PIN, or password long forgotten buddy. Type password new, then click the Lock button. From here, wait at least 5 minutes, and now my friend can open a locked cellphone with password new.

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If the three methods above don’t work either, we have the most accurate way but it has a high risk of losing your data on your cellphone. Okay, just take a look below, as for the way, namely:

Factory Reset

Attention: make sure this option is the last option, because later this method will delete all your data, and it’s better to remove the SD Card first to avoid things that are not wanted! And if possible, my friend has backed up all the data on the cellphone that you have.

  • First, make sure you turn off your locked cellphone first.
  • Then press “Power Button + Volume Up + Home” Simultaneously, hold for a few seconds until a menu appears “Recovery Mode Menu“.

Note: some cellphones have a different way of pressing the button to enter recovery mode, but the method above is the way for the majority or most cellphones. But if the method of pressing the button above doesn’t work on your cellphone, you can browse on Google!

  • If you have entered Recovery Mode, you can use the “Volume UP and Down” to select an option “Wipe Data / Factory Reset“.
  • After that press “Home Button” or “power” to continue or start the process.

Because in recovery mode the touch screen cannot be used, that’s why you have to use the volume buttons to select and the power button to “okay”.

  • The next step, please select the option “Reboot” and press “Home Button” or “power“.
  • Buddy has to wait for the cellphone to boot up, then later on, my friend will go to home and my cellphone is empty like when I first bought it.

The final word

That is the best way that we can explain how to unlock a friend’s cellphone that has forgotten its password or locked pattern. But if you have another way, you can tell us all through the comments column below! Thanks and good luck! ?

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