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Comic Frontier Presents 'Creativity Spirit' in Welcoming the Asian Games

Various kinds of creative works from domestic creators have now begun to show their potential that cannot be underestimated anymore. Every day there are hundreds of new comic titles presented by domestic creators for comic lovers all over the country. Not a few of the comics by domestic creators have also been able to build a fan base (fanbase) which is large and has a quality that can compete with foreign comics.

The spirit of creativity is again presented by Comic Frontier by re-organizing the event which is held twice this year. After maintenance Comic Frontier X last March, Comic Frontier 11 will be present right at the opening of a major sporting event Asian Games 2021.

In each operation, Comic Frontier always presents a unique illustration that is different at each event. To welcome the 2021 Asian Games, Comic Frontier 11 presenting illustrations with a vibrant theme of sportsmanship. This illustration was made by one of the talented creators from within the country, namely Sen-Jou. Sen-Jou’s unique and creative illustrations can be seen directly in the gallery he created on his website Facebook and DeviantArt hers.

Comic Frontier
Comic Frontier XI Poster by Illustrator Sen-Jou (Press Release)

Speaking of creativity, Comic Frontier always brings the spirit of creativity to all creators and creative product lovers in Indonesia. In realizing this spirit of creativity, Comic Frontier always provides a place for creators to show the existence of their creative works to the thousands of visitors who come. There are more than 400 creators and creative communities from within the country who participated in this event.

“For the 11th Comic Frontier this time, there have been more than 400 creators, both individuals and communities and creative circles who have participated to present their various creative works to the visitors who attended.” said Sudwi Karyadi, chief organizer Comic Frontier.

Not only individual and community creators, various companies in the comics industry also participate in Comic Frontier 11. From the print comic publishing industry there are comic magazines Re:ON Comics and publisher Colony who participate. From the online comic platform industry CIAYO Comics and Indonesian comics also participate in Comic Frontier 11. Heaven Earth, the company that oversees various legendary superhero comics from Indonesia such as Si Buta from the Ghost Cave and Gundala was also present to give the spirit of creativity in this event.

Comic Frontier 11 held on Saturday-Sunday 18-19 August 2021, coinciding with the opening of the 2021 Asian Games. Venue of Comic Frontier this time it is still taking place at Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini, South Jakarta. This is the third time this event has been held at Kartika Expo, Balai Kartini since its implementation Comic Frontier 9 in 2021.

Entrance ticket Comic Frontier 11 this time sold at a price of Rp. 30,000. Tickets can be purchased on the spot during the event. Ticket sales have been opened since the morning in order to anticipate the queue of visitors who want to participate in this event.

At the 11th Comic Frontier event, Newsletter of Karsa have the opportunity to become one of the Media Partners of Comic Frontier 11. Look forward to live broadcasts from Balai Kartini, as well as interviews with famous figures at Comic Frontier 11 later!

Overview of Comic Frontier

Comic Frontier is a creative exhibition event that is regularly held every year. This event was first held in 2012. When it was first held, Comic Frontier only accommodated 35 creative circles to join. Over time and the growth of the creative industry in Indonesia, Comic Frontier has become a creative movement that is able to gather hundreds of creators in one event.

This event is held with the hope that Comic Frontier can become an event that provides a new space for freedom of expression in the creative industry without any limitations on stigma from society. This event is also expected to be a driving force for Indonesia’s creative industry by bringing together various groups ranging from independent creators, communities, to professional creators. Giving the best for all parties involved in this event without having to leave anyone is something that is fought for in this event.

The article above is a Press Release from the Comic Frontier XI Event Organizer.

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