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Benefits of the Tri Education Application Quota and How to Register

Tri Education Application Quota – The existence of educational applications plays an important role in the online learning period during the current pandemic. It is not surprising that many cellular providers then provide special quota packages for the use of educational applications in order to support the online learning process that has been taking place so far.

One provider that supports it is Tri. This can be seen clearly from the quota package for educational applications provided by Tri. With this package, it is hoped that the online teaching and learning process can run more smoothly.

Unmitigated, the quota package for the Tri education application is 35GB which is given free of charge to Tri customers. To know more about this quota package, let’s see the detailed review below.

What is Tri Education Application Quota?

Tri Education Application Quota

After knowing that there is a quota for Tri’s education application, of course it is very important to know what is meant by this quota. Please note that this quota is a service that is the result of collaboration between Tri and the government, namely the Ministry of Education and Culture in the form of free internet quotas for students, students, and teaching staff.

In order to get this quota, quota recipients are required to register themselves as recipients. If you have registered and meet the criteria to be eligible, a free quota of 35GB will be given. Later the quota can be used for 30 days from the time it was activated.

Oh yes, the 35GB quota is given for the student category. While the quota for other categories, the amount of quota that will be given is different. The details of the quota amount are as follows:

  • 20GB quota for PAUD category.
  • 35GB quota for student category.
  • 42GB quota for teacher category.
  • 50GB quota for student and lecturer categories.

The quota for the Tri education application includes the Ilmupedia quota and the Conference quota. The Ilmupedia quota includes other learning applications such as:

  • Zenius Program.
  • Home Learning Program.
  • G Classroom Program.
  • Advanced Program.
  • Language Program.
  • Quipper Program.
  • AyoBlajar Program.
  • your program.
  • Kippin School 4.0 Program.
  • Blue Program.
  • Udemy Program.
  • Duolingo program.
  • And others.

Meanwhile, the Conference quota includes:

  • Zoom program.
  • Cisco Webex program.
  • GMeet Program.
  • UMeetMe program.
  • CloudX program.
  • Microsoft Teams program.

Main Benefits of Tri Education Application Quota

The existence of the Tri education application quota certainly provides enormous benefits. In this case, there are several benefits that can be felt, namely:

Help Smooth Online Learning

Education is an important need for every student. As the next generation of the nation, students must learn as much as possible in their learning age. Therefore, the pandemic that is currently engulfing the world, including Indonesia, should not be an obstacle to teaching and learning activities. Now, with online learning, students can continue their education as usual.

However, online learning does not only require the help of devices and applications to run smoothly. However, the existence of an internet quota so that online learning can run is an absolute must.

On the other hand, the internet package needed for this activity is not small. Moreover, the teaching and learning process runs every day as well as offline learning. Therefore, with the educational application quota package, internet quota costs are cheaper.

Make it easy for parents

Every student’s parent certainly has a different economic background. Not all parents of students from high economic circles. Not a few who come from the weak economy. Of course, the need for a large amount of internet quota will overwhelm them. It’s hard to eat everyday, especially if you still have to insert it to buy internet quota.

Now, with the Tri education application quota quota, parents of students indirectly get relief. That way, their children can still participate in online learning activities without having to burden them with a fairly large internet quota fee.

How to Register for Tri Education Application Quota

To be able to get the Tri education application quota, of course the prospective recipient must use an active Tri card. If you already have the card, the prospective recipient must register his Tri card with the school where he is studying. Later, the school will register the number to the Higher Education or Pusdatin.

After the data on the prospective recipients of the package have been entered, the Pusdatin will recap all the existing data. After successfully recapitulating, then Tri will fill in the 35 GB data package to the numbers of students who have been registered.

In addition to the 35 GB package, each student who gets the package will receive an additional package as a 36 GB bonus from Tri. In detail, 10GB is for any application, while the other 26 GB is for educational applications.

Later the quota bonus will be obtained after receiving an SMS notification from Tri. Of course, it is hoped that with the existence of this educational package from Tri, it will be easier for students to access the internet in order to learn online during the pandemic.

The existence of this package is also expected to ease the burden on parents of students in facing increasingly difficult economic conditions as a result of the pandemic. In addition, the package is also expected to provide support so that teaching and learning activities can run according to the existing curriculum.

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How to Use Tri Education App Quota

After reading the explanation about the education quota and how to get it, it is then important to know how to use the application quota. Of course there is no point if the user gets an education quota package but can’t afford to use it, right? So, for that, make sure to follow how to use the quota as below:

  • The Education Quota from Tri can only be used for certain learning applications that fall within the range of this package.
  • In addition, make sure the learning application that supports the package is installed or installed on the user’s smartphone device. The device will later be used for learning.
  • So that users are not exposed to basic internet rates, do not try to use a VPN.

Please note that the main quota is required to be able to access applications that are both on the learning quota service through access to third-party applications, such as:

  • Google Services which includes Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Cloud, and Google Analytics.
  • Applications that are included in the learning quota but the links point to social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and others.
  • Other third party services other than those mentioned above.

The final word

That’s the review of the Tri education application quota that I can convey in this article. Of course we all feel happy and support the government program with Tri’s side in this matter. That way, we hope that no more Indonesian students will be left behind from participating in online learning due to internet quota constraints.

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