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Auto Win Using this Latest PUBG Mobile Cheat!

Who doesn’t know PUBG? Ah maybe most of my friends are very familiar with even playing this game on a PC or on a cellphone. PUBG itself is a battle royal game that has graphics or looks that spoil the eye. PUBG or Player Uknown’s Battle Ground became hype or popular last year 2021, which was able to shift other big games such as free fire, Mobile Legend, Arena of Valor. and others. However, PUBG itself has a size or memory capacity that is quite large, due to the many game modes and its capable graphics.

If you are an old PUBG user, you must have known or known that there are cheaters hanging around in the game that irritates us because suddenly we are shot and knocked. Indeed it is very annoying, besides cheating, cheaters also ruin the game. But.. have you ever thought about trying to become a chater? Hmm, if so, maybe this article is the answer!


How to use PUBG Mobile cheats

But before that, we will warn you that cheating is an illegal act that harms others, even ourselves. If you are caught using a cheat, your handsome friend’s account may be banned or deleted forever, that’s really sad. Therefore, we recommend that you use a smurf account or a small account or a fad account to try this cheat. Because to minimize your account being banned. Even if my friend wants to use the main account, yes, go ahead but be prepared if something unexpected happens!

If you already understand, just read the discussion below yes! First of all, you must have your own PUBG application which can be downloaded via the Play Store.

The next material to prepare or have is Apk GameGuardian which you can download via the link below. Make sure download latest version to avoid error yes!

Next, my friend must prepare script from cheats PUBG Mobile. Recently script you can find it on various webs, it’s just a friend google of course, but don’t worry because we will also provide the script.

Now lastly, set up a VPN. Before that, make sure to download or download the materials needed here:

1. Parallel Space FreeDownload
2. Game GuardianDownload https://gameguardian.id.uptodown.com/android
3. PUBG NEW ScriptsDownload https://gameguardian.id.uptodown.com/android
4. Virtual HostsDownload https://host.id.uptodown.com/android
5. VPN (Alternative)Download

Or you can also search for yourself via Google. for more details, follow the steps below!

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  • First, please install the original PUBG GAME on the Playstore.
pubg cheats
  • Next use Parallel Space that was previously downloaded above.
  • Next, please, my friend, duplicate the PUBG game in a new space in the application.
  • Next, install the Game Guardian Apk that has been downloaded. If it is installed, there will be 2 Game Guardian / GG icons, my friend, select and open the SW icon. Then select the default to install GameGuardian again so that Game Guardian gets an installation with a random name in the parallel space.
  • Next, my friend, clone the game guardian application with a random name in parallel space.
  • Next, install and open the Virtual Host application that was previously downloaded above.
  • If you have entered the Virtual Host, my friend, please select the menu Re-select hosts file then navigate to the hosts file that you downloaded earlier.
  • After that, Virtual Hosts will be automatically marked with a green ON icon.

Note: install this application (Virtual Host) outside the Parallel space application.

  • After you have activated the virtual host, now is the time for you to run parallel space.
  • So, open Game Guardian in the parallel space application, then start or Start.
  • If you have opened the game guardian application, then select the PUBG game and run it.
  • When the game is running, there will automatically be a game guardian icon at the top of the game.
  • When the game is open, click or tap the icon and then look for the menu Execute script. Select the PUBG cheat script that has been prepared or downloaded previously.
  • If it is correct, the script will be read or detected first. If it is read, it means the script is successful or working, if it fails, try repeating or changing the script by searching for another script on Google.
  • If you are already in the PUBG lobby or room, then my friend, please open the file manager then rename the OBB file named COM.TENTENT.IG on the folder Android/OBB.
  • If the Rename is successful, please re-enter the PUBG game that was opened earlier.
  • If it works, then select the desired cheat feature, for example color and WallHack.
pubg mobile cheats
  • Finally, please play and enjoy!
latest pubg cheats
latest pubg cheats
PUBG Cheats

Here we do not guarantee that the cheat method above will be 100% successful, because PUBG itself always updates its security so it is difficult to find loopholes and penetrate them. And the average other cheats also don’t work. But if the above method still works, thank goodness it means you’re lucky. And if you want to try other PUBG feature cheats, you just need to add a script that can be searched on google.

But keep in mind, the more cheats you use, the more vulnerable you are to being detected, which could result in your account being banned forever. So we recommend using it wisely. And also if in the game, don’t overdo it to kill, because other players could be suspicious and then report / report buddy. It’s not very good, hehe. How? Although the method is quite complicated, but my friend understands it enough, right?

The final word

Well, the discussion above is the PUBG cheat steps that you can try. If you have another way, it’s really okay to share this with all of us via the comment box below! ? Ok, good luck and good luck! ?

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