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Atari Soon to Release Pong Quest, Classic Pong Game With New Concept

Pong has become a legendary classic game to date. Not a few are still playing the 70’s era game that was released by Atari 2600. Reportedly, Atari, developer who created the game will release the game Pong the latest with a different concept, namely Pong Quest. Games that combine genre This RPG will be released soon for users smartphone.

Pong Quest, Same Game with New and Unique RPG Concept

Reporting from PC Gamer, Atari announced its newest game, namely Pong Quest. This game is not much different from the game Pong in the 70s, it’s just that it has a quite unique concept. If normally the enemy in the game Pong is human, now the enemy can vary in each game.

Pong Quest also reportedly will be an RPG game which is certainly different from the others. Collect items, defeat monsters to conquer dungeons to get unique items. Pong Quest is also planned to have a storyline that can be completed in single player mode.

There will even be boss fights and other challenges that make this game more challenging and fun. In addition, players will also be presented with a variety of mode game. Starting from mode adventure up to dungeon mode.

There are Interesting Characters and Balls that Have Different Abilities

In addition, it is also reported that this game will be equipped with a unique storyline and deserves to be followed. Players can also use interesting characters for an unusual playing atmosphere. Characters can also be changed in appearance according to the wishes of the players.

The concept that is no less unique is the ball provided in this game. If in game Pong 70s era there is only one ball, this game has 50 different ping-pong Balls. Each ball has a unique ability to help players complete stage certain.

Still Can Be Played Online or Locally with Friends!

Like game Pong first, Pong Quest can also be played with friends or other players online on line or local. On mode In this, players can use balls with unique and special abilities to compete.

This game was greeted by positive responses by its fans. In addition to the concept that is not too much different from the original game, but also the uniqueness of the interesting concept. The plan Pong Quest will be released in the next few months on Steam and Android.

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