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Applications and How to Easily Create Flowcharts on HP

Buddy want to create a Flowchart or flowchart with an application? But my friend doesn’t know what application to make flowcharts or flowcharts? Relax, here we will share information about the application and how to create a flowchart!

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that it has greatly affected teaching and learning activities, from kindergarten to even students in the teaching and learning process experiencing a shift or replacement of learning methods. Yup, one of them is learning online or remotely or online, which is done from their respective homes.

Because online learning, both the material modules and the assignments that are collected, all use soft copies or in the form of files, this is a bit of a problem, considering that many materials or practices are not effective if not done directly. Well, one of the tasks of this flowchart.

Maybe when you are still learning offline or directly, making flowcharts is very easy because they can be directly written on paper and it is quite effective, now because of distance learning, students have to collect them via document files, this of course needs to be adapted again and an application is needed to make it. Then what is the application? Let’s see below.

Before that, you need to know the meaning of flowcharts or flowcharts according to experts or experts, so that at any time you are asked by the lecturer, you can answer them. Here’s what it means:

  • According to Sariadin Siallagan

A flowchart is a flow chart that can apply signs to perfect a problem.

Flowchart (flow chart) is an illustration in the form of a flow chart of the algorithms in a program, which states a direction in the flow of the program.

Flowchart is a graphical depiction of the steps and sequence of procedures of a program.

Flowchart is a logical way that is used to be able to describe parts of the information system clearly, precisely and logically.

Flowchart is a diagram that can display the flow in the design or system method logically.

What is the name of the application for creating flowcharts?

One of the applications for making flowcharts is DrawExpess. The DrawExpress application itself can be used by friends via cellphone. This application can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android, and the Apps Store for iOS. Buddy can download it for free or free!

Applications and How to Make Flowcharts

This application is very light, only 11 Mb in size. In addition, not only for making flowcharts, with this application you can also create use cases, activity diagrams, network structures, and so on. Complete enough right?

How to Create FlowChart in DrawEpress App

  • First and of course, you can download and install the application on your smartphone first.
  • If you have, please open the application, and my friend will enter the initial view.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • Straight to, to make it, my friend can click the Plus or Add icon in the lower right corner, then proceed by selecting New Diagram.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • Next, please, my friend, give the name of the flowchart that you will make!
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • You will go to the build page. You can recognize the tools first, there are several tools, and one of them is Syobol. Now, the symbols including the Flowchat symbol can be seen and used by clicking the gallery icon on the top right side of the screen. Well my friend can see the symbols in full.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • now to create a flowchart symbol is also very easy, if you don’t want to bother opening symbol tools, you can just draw there. For example, if you want to make an ellipse as a flowchart prefix, you just need to draw an ellipse, then an ellipse icon will automatically appear, as well as other symbols while your image can be recognized.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • To making the connecting line is also very easy, all you have to do is just drag one symbol to another, it will automatically create a connecting line.
  • To make the direction of connecting lines like arrows, it’s also very easy, you know. Buddy just draw an arrow in the desired direction like the example in the picture.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • To fill in the text in the symbol, my friend just double-click on the symbol, and a layer appears to write text.
  • Now if your flowchart has a decision symbol, this decision symbol automatically means it has two possibilities and choices such as yes or no. To make it yes or no yourself, my friend just double click on which part you want to insert, and later a text layer will appear, please write.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • So, please, my friend, complete the flowchart and don’t forget to tidy it up.
  • If you’re done, but you’re not satisfied with the color, don’t worry! You can choose your flowchart color theme by clicking the paint container icon on the top side, then selecting “Style Options” and later several color themes will come out that you can apply.
  • If you are finished and sure, you can select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner and select Quick Save if you want to save it. Oh yes, my friend can also export in other formats such as PDF or JPEG, my friend just selects “Export” only.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts
  • You can also share or send via several platforms such as Whatsapp, Gmail, and so on.
Applications and How to Make Flowcharts

List of Other Recommended Applications Besides DrawExpress

There are many lists of recommended applications other than using DrawExpress, but we highly recommend using DrawExpress because it has quite complete features and is easy to use.

But if you want to try other applications to use on your cellphone, here is the complete list;

  • Free Flowchart Offline Templates > Download

Above that are some similar applications that you can use as an alternative to making flowcharts or flowcharts.

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The final word

How? It’s pretty clear isn’t the application and how to make the Flowcard? Please, friends, try it! Good luck and do the job!

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