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An Easy Way to Track Someone's Whereabouts Just Using a Link

In this very sophisticated and all-digital era, of course, a lot of things have changed, one example is selling online. Although now there are many websites that have been proven to be trustworthy for shopping online, there are still many who are deceived when buying products in cyberspace.

Indonesians have not 100% received education regarding the safety of online shopping, moreover they do not know which websites have guaranteed purchase transactions. Some websites that you can trust include the Tokopedia marketplace, Bukalapak, Shopee, Lazada and others that do provide joint account facilities.

But that doesn’t mean websites or other online stores can’t be trusted, but you have to be more careful in buying products online, especially those sold through social media or directly transferring money to the seller’s account.

Track Scams Easily

If you have already been deceived, maybe the final way is for you to report it to the authorities. But before reporting it, you can also track where the location of the sale is, including by tracking GPS using a website-based platform at www.gps.indsc.me.

gps to track someone's whereabouts
© www.gps.indsc.me

The method;

  • Visit www.gps.indsc.me
  • Then click the image to enter the tracking tool
  • After that, you have to type in the title that will appear when the link is shared to the target you want to track its whereabouts. Make sure the title doesn’t use spaces
  • Then Click Generate Link

What to Remember

The tracking website uses a link to detect the presence of the target location. After the link is obtained, you have to rack your brain on how the potential target is without/consciously clicking on the link that we provide, one of the tips is to pretend you don’t know the type of product you want to buy, or if you have been tricked use another number to make contact directly. directly to the fraudster and ask and accompany the link that has been made on the website. Don’t forget to use a call to action so that the target clicks on the link.

You can see the tutorials made by the creators of these tools on the Youtube/IndoSec channel. Please watch the video below.

Besides being able to track fraudsters, you can also track your partner whether he is lying where he is or not.

Website Updates Are Not Active

After we checked the gps website again on (11/19/2021), it turned out that the site was no longer active and inaccessible. We ourselves do not know the reason why this service is closed. We are currently in the process of creating a website to track people like the website above, and we will inform you when it is released.

How to Track Someone’s whereabouts

Because the website in question is no longer active, for that we added a trick on how to find out someone’s location so that we know where the target is. This is very useful if you are chatting with unknown or suspicious people. Or you want to track your boyfriend, of course you can as long as you carefully follow the steps. Here’s an alternative way to easily track someone down;

Tracking someone’s whereabouts via WhatsApp Web

We can track someone’s whereabouts via WhatsApp Web. This is quite easy, but you have to know first how to use WhatsApp Web. To use it you have to open web.whatsapp.com first.

How to Track Someone's Whereabouts
Screenshot of WhatsApp web to track someone’s whereabouts

If you have opened web.whatsapp.com, you will be presented with a display like the image above. Then log in according to the instructions, which is not the WhatApp application on the cellphone, select the vertical three-dot menu in the upper right corner, then select settings and click menu WhatsApp Web. After that scan the barcode that is displayed on the web version of the wa.

Once open, the next step is to track the target of the WhatsApp chat. Here’s how to track someone via GPS;

  • Open the message of the person we are going to track (on WhatsApp Web), make sure you chat only a few hours. If it’s been a few days, try to chat with the target first. If you are interested in replying to a new message, we will go to the next stage
  • After that you press CTRL+ALT+DEL simultaneously and select Task Manager
  • then press Windows +R simultaneously (Do not close the Task Manager). Windows + R brings up a search box in Windows OS, after that type CMD in the search box and Enter
  • Next will appear Command Prompt (CMD) here you have to type netstat and Enter to bring up IP
  • In this section you have to record the outgoing IP in CMD, after everything is recorded next is tracking the target location of several outgoing IPs
  • For location tracking, you can enter the IP address on the website https://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer/

Knowing Someone’s Location from a Mobile Number

The next step to be able to track a person’s location is with the phone number used by the target we want to track. In this way we will provide every step of each operator including Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. These three Providers provide features to easily track cell phone numbers. Here’s how;

Tracking Telkomsel numbers

For Telkomsel users, you can track someone by making a dial up call with the code number *250#, then several options will appear and select “View/Edit Friend List” then enter the target cellphone number you want to track.

Or you can use the sms service with the format “Friend Name Number” Example: (Teman Ojan 081xxxxxx) send to 5200.

Track Indosat number

Next, track someone using an Indosat number, by making a dial up call at the code number *777*6*6#. After that there are several menu options (Family Locations, Shopping Locations, Other Locations), then select a family location.

Or you can use the Indosat SMS service with the format “CARI NoHP” (example: CARI 081XXXXXXXXX), then send to 9111

Trace numbers with operator XL

Just like the two operators above, XL also has a dial up service for tracking, namely at *123*573*1#. There will be a menu (Family Locations, Shopping Locations, Other Locations), then select a family location.

Or you can use the sms service with the format “CARI NoHP” (example: CARI 081XXXXXXXXX), then send to 9111.

Now those are some additional ways to track someone’s whereabouts, we have also made an article related to how to check location via cellphone number that you can try using. If that method still doesn’t work, you should be able to use another method. Or if you know a more accurate way to track someone, you can share it in the comment box below.

The final word

Based on the monitoring of AndroidPonsel, this gps.indsc.me platform was created by IndoSec where the owner also accompanies his complete Instagram profile on the website page. So, if these tools are very useful, why don’t we use them for good, don’t forget to thank the creators!

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