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Advantages of Using PS Vita Emulator Android and How to Download It

In January 2018, a new experimental emulator for the PS Vita appeared which was open source. PS Vita emulator android is often known as Vita3K. Initially this emulator does not support commercial games, but it can run some homebrews that are available in vpk format, such as VitaQuake. At the beginning of its release, this emulator ran homebrew games at 15fps which turned out to be quite convincing.

For those of you who really like the Play Station, there are several things that make you need a PS Vita emulator android. Here’s the full review.

Advantages of PS Vita Emulator Android

The PS Vita emulator android not only allows you to play your favorite PS Vita games on a PC or Android smartphone. However, you can also improve the quality of additional filters, reduce loading times, have a better graphics experience and make the PS Vita experience even better.

In addition, there are also several other advantages when you use this emulator, including:

  • Allows you to play more games without having to carry cartridges.
  • There are several emulators that allow you to play games online.
  • Games will tend to be faster when played on the emulator.
  • Graphics and audio quality can be improved.
  • You will probably have the opportunity to play PS Vita exclusive games on your favorite device.
  • You can choose the control device according to your taste, it may be a gamepad, keyboard or other.
  • PS Vita emulator also allows you to be able to take screenshots or screenshots, take videos and so on.

The Best PS Vita Emulators for Your Android

The only emulator that can work properly on PS Vita games is the PSVita Pro Emulator. This is also the only complete PS Vita emulator for android, it can even imitate PS4 though. So far, the PS Vita Pro Emulator has indeed become the only android emulator capable of emulating the PS Vita console.

To be able to download PS Vita Pro Emulator, you must provide a large enough memory space on your android smartphone. Your android version is at least at version 2.2.

For PS Vita Pro Emulator to run optimally, you need at least a processor equivalent to or higher than ARM or Intel Atom X86. So, first make sure your android smartphone meets these minimum standards before deciding to download it.

Where Can You Download PS Vita Pro Emulator?

If you want to download the emulator, here are some recommended sites that you can access.


One of the best places to download Roms is PortalRoms.com. Here you can easily find various types of your favorite games, from fighting games, races, strategies, roles and many others.

When you access the home page of this site, you will have to enter the PS Vita category to find various games that you can play.

DNA Games

Game DNA is a place where you can find all versions of games that are compatible or compatible with the PS Vita. You just need to have an emulator, then download the ROM of your favorite game and play the game.


There are many ROMs available for your PlayStation Vita. It will be very easy to download on this site, you just need to go to the site and select whatever you need.

That’s a review of the PS Vita emulator for Android, I hope it’s useful.

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