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5 Ways to Restore Deleted Photos on Android

Photos on your android phone accidentally deleted? Confused about how to restore it, therefore AndroidPonsel.com will review several ways to restore deleted photos on your samsung, xiaomi, vivo, oppo and other favorite brands in total and detail.

There are several ways to restore lost photos, starting manually or using third-party applications to be able to restore your deleted photos. But you have to remember that not all photo or file recovery applications are trusted, so you really have to choose an application that is safe from viruses. This time AndroidPonsel.com will provide steps that you can apply as a way to restore deleted photos on Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and other brands without root.

How to Restore Deleted Photos on Android

How to Restore Deleted Photos on Android
Easy Ways to Recover Deleted Photos on Android

This time we will discuss sharing 5 ways to restore lost photos on an Android phone. You can do how to restore deleted photos on Android starting from number one or sequentially. If the above steps cannot be used to restore deleted photos on the memory card or on Android’s internal memory, you can try the next step. Here are 5 steps on how to restore deleted photos on Android.

Recover Deleted Photos on HP Directly

How to restore deleted files on Android is quite easy. First you open the file manager, then find and click the three dots in the lower left corner (menu). Then select the option ‘Show hidden files’. Then the .Thumbnails file should appear. Open this folder to see all the photos backed up by the smartphone.

But unfortunately the size of the files in this folder is sometimes different in size from the original, because it is a bit smaller. This step can be used as a way to restore deleted photos on Android’s internal memory or on the memory card, although there may also be some deleted files that are not here.

Searching for Deleted Photos on Google Photos

Google Photos or Google Photos is one of the most popular Google products. If you install this application on a smartphone, then you can make it a gallery or as a store. You can have a dozen gigabytes of space in Google Photos to store photos from cameras and other media, and also Google Photos saves our photos in the gallery or in the cloud connected to our email.

The steps on how to restore deleted photos on Android via Google Photos are very easy. You just have to enter the Google photos application, then click the three dots in the upper right corner. Then as a way to restore lost files, click the ‘Trash’ option. Then all you have to do is find the deleted photos and move them back to the storage folder.

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Use App To Restore Photos

There are several applications in the playstore that you can use to restore deleted photos and files, but you can try using this application to restore or restore your deleted files or photos.

This deleted photo restore application is able to restore photos that have been deleted for quite a long time. The advantage of using a photo recovery application is that it is practical and able to search for files that cannot be searched manually.

Open Using Laptop

How to restore deleted photos on samsung android without root or on Xiaomi, vivo and oppo cellphones can use a laptop. And we need to connect your cellphone via usb cable, Once connected, right click on the folder where your photos are lost. Then at the bottom of the selection select ‘previous version’. Steps on how to restore deleted videos on this cellphone can usually be done if photos, videos or files have been deleted recently because the files are still stored

Use Android Data Backup Application for Anticipation

This last method is a way to anticipate if the above method has not been able to solve the problem to restore your lost photos. This method is to back up your photos if in the future the photo is accidentally deleted or intentionally deleted but in the future you will still need it

The safest and easiest way is to use an online data storage application. Later this application can backup files, photos, videos automatically. So if the files on your smartphone are lost, you can do how to restore deleted photos on your cellphone with this online storage.

This can be a way to restore deleted photos on samsung, oppo, vivo, xiaomi and so on. Even if it’s been permanently deleted, this online backup can restore permanently deleted videos on your cellphone. Finally deleted photos appear again on android.

So much information and steps that androidponsel.com can provide through the 5 steps above, Hopefully the above information can help all friends in overcoming the problem of restoring lost photos on Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and other brands.

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