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5 Ways to Make Android Phones Faster and Lighter When Opening Applications

Hello Friends, AndroidPhones, on this occasion AP will share a trick on how to make Android phones faster and lighter to run applications. Of course, my friend is annoyed, if the cellphone has started to slow down, let alone the need to play games is hampered because of the sluggishness, it feels like I just want to slam the cellphone when it’s slow, haha, but don’t buy it, you know.

5 Ways to Make Android Phones Faster and Lighter When Opening Applications

Nowadays, Android phones are equipped with RAM that is wide enough to carry out multitasking activities, however, the use of applications simultaneously will certainly have the effect of consuming RAM and making the performance of the cellphone slower. If it’s slow, of course, it will be difficult for us to do activities with cellphones!

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This time AP will share some tips to speed up the performance of Android phones. Let’s see!

  1. First, make sure the cellphone that you are using has been updated to the latest version of the cellphone brand that you have. You can check in Settings> About device> Software update and touch the Check for updates button. Make sure you use a Wifi connection, for fear the update must require large data.
  2. Delete or Turn off unused applications.
    First, my friend, first check which applications are rarely used, you can delete the application, because even if you don’t use the application, it fills up the processing space on your phone, thus burdening performance. there are some applications that may not be deleted, but my friend can turn off the application, how: go to Settings> Apps, then pay attention to the applications in the list, after that if there are some applications that are not useful but can not be deleted you can do disable to turn it off.
  3. Try cleaning cached data (for understanding cached data, you can google it because many have explained it)
    As the duration of using an Android phone, of course, the cached data gets bigger, this will make the smartphone’s performance slow.
    There are several ways to clear cached data from Android phones, including using an application or deleting it one by one. The AP itself suggests deleting them one by one compared to the application, because the application to provide cached data is thought to also make the performance of the cellphone slow. For the method, my friend can go directly to Settings > Apps, after that select the application that stores a lot of cache, usually social media applications, click then select Clear Cache.

    If you are using Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, you can go to Settings > Storage and select the Clear cache column.

  4. Turn off Auto-Sync
    Now for this one there are usually several applications to get the latest updates such as email, social media and several other applications. This feature is actually useful if you use it correctly, but this feature can also make the phone’s performance slow, you know. So my friend can not use this feature to maintain the performance of the cellphone that you have.
  5. Factory Reset
    This is the last resort if your cellphone is still slow/slow. This way will make your phone back to the condition the first time my friend had the cellphone. But of course the risk is that you will lose data and applications that you have installed on the handset you are using. For the solution, before you do a Factory Reset, you should back up important data on your cellphone first.

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