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5 Ways to Check Location Through NO HP Without Complicated from Various Providers

Sometimes there are cellphone numbers that call us just for fun, or even those who intend to cheat. Of course we become furious that the number can contact us even though the number is not disseminated. For this reason, in this discussion, we will provide various ways to check the location via cellphone number so that we can find out where and who is using the prank number.

Mobile phones are now a must-have item for people to carry when traveling. The reason is, the cellphone itself has various benefits to help and help its users and others. Mobile phone users must have a provider that will each user have a cell phone or cellphone number for calling, texting, and surfing the internet.

In addition to its main function, the provider or mobile number can also have other functions, you know. One of them can be tracked and traces the whereabouts of a cellphone containing a cellphone number provider. If at any time your cellphone is lost, or a relative’s cellphone is lost, you can track the whereabouts of the cellphone with the cellphone number or sim card installed on the cellphone.

So how do you track your cellphone number? Check out the reviews below!

Track Location With Mobile Number

5 Ways to Check Location Via Mobile Number
Photo by Ingo Joseph on Pexels.com

1. Tracking Telkomsel’s cellphone number

If the number you want to track is a telkomsel number, you can use the telkomsel service to track a cellphone number just by making a call or called the Telkomsel Finder. How to?

  • First, please open the call menu and press *250#.
  • If so, the “View/Edit friend list” option will appear. In this menu, you can enter the phone number you want to track.
  • Later the location of the mobile number that you just entered will appear.

Well, apart from that, you can also use Telkomsel Finder to find out your phone number using SMS. How to?

  • Buddy, please open the SMS, then you can send an SMS with the format Friend Name Number, like this example (Friend Agus 089000xxxx).
  • Then send the SMS earlier to 5200.
  • And wait for the reply, later the location will appear.

2. Tracking Indosat’s cellphone numbers

How to track the location of the owner of the next Indosat provider number, you can really do the method below,

  • First, my friend, please open the SMS by sending an SMS to the number 9111 with the format LACAK No. MOBILE PHONE.
  • Examples like TRACK 0815XXXXXX. Then friends, please send to 9111
  • Wait for a reply from Indosat.

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3. How to track a cellphone number via XL

Furthermore, how to track the location of a cellphone number without being known by the XL provider, you can also follow the steps below,

  • First, please, my friend, open SMS.
  • Then my friend can send an SMS to the number 9455 with the format CARI NoHP. For example SEARCH 08150xxxxxx.
  • Yup, there will be a reply SMS that will tell you about the location of the cellphone number.

4. Tracking Mobile Number Locations With Google Maps

You can also use a way to track a cellphone number via google maps, because this service is not only a tool for indicating location and road directions but can also track the whereabouts of a cellphone number. Users can use the PC version of Google Maps or the mobile version to track it. Without further ado, here’s how!

  • First, you can open the Google Maps application on your cellphone.
  • Next, make sure your cellphone is connected to the internet, yes!
  • Now on the Google Maps window or page, you can click on your profile photo if Google Maps uses a cellphone. or you can also click on the menu on the top left or the 3 line icon if you are using a computer / laptop.
  • Then look for the “Location sharing” option on the screen.
  • If you have, later you will be taken to a new screen or window.
  • After that, you can track the location of the desired cellphone number by adding the phone number you want to search for.
  • How to? The trick is that you can click on the text “New share”
  • Then enter the phone number you want to track. Here you have to enter the phone number that is on the phonebook or cell phone contact.
  • After that, make sure the person you entered the phone number with accepts your request.
  • Buddy just click on the desired name when you want to detect it.
  • In this way, my friend can find the location of the cellphone.

Note: To be able to track it, the person concerned must accept the request share the location of the friend first. Therefore, use this method from now on. This method can be installed or used in anticipation if the phone is lost later.

5. Tracking Mobile Numbers Using Whatsapp Web

In addition, you can also use a way to find out someone’s location via WhatsApp on your cellphone, see the method below,

  • First, you can open the WhatsApp Web site first. Make sure the computer or laptop that will be used is connected to the internet to access it!
  • After entering the WhatsApp Web application, my friend, please find the number you want to track. Well here if you haven’t exchanged messages for a long time, the thing to do is send a message and hope for a reply. Why so? It aims to get the IP number of the person.
  • It’s different if you just chatted on WhatsApp, you need to do this: you can press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keyboard combination to open the Task Manager.
  • If you have entered the Task Manager, you can press the Windows + R keyboard combination to bring up a new window.
  • Then in the new window that appears, you can type CMD in the search tool, and press Enter.
  • Moment command prompt or CMD has appeared, please type or write “netstat”.
  • Then you press Enter.
  • Here, my friend, please note the IP number listed.

How? Even though it’s not so easy, it looks like this method can help you!

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The final word

Yup, please, my friend, try how to check or detect the location via cellphone number. You can follow the steps correctly so that it works.

Good luck and good luck! ?

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