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4 Easy Ways to View Old Tweets on Twitter!

Want to reminisce on Twitter by looking at your old tweets? but don’t want to bother because you have to scroll all the way to the past tweet? Don’t use the complicated method, my friend can use 4 easy and fast ways to see old tweets on Twitter. Curious? please see this article yes!

Social media competitors Facebook is always making a scene per-internet world. The reason is, there are so many tweets or posts that are shared here, ranging from unique stories that invite netizens to be curious, political intrigue, religious debates, to sensitive and naughty things that are difficult to find on social media in general.

Every day, trending from various hashtags continues to appear on Twitter, this is one of the factors why users don’t just leave. Compared to other social media, on Twitter to get followers is a little more difficult than social media like Instagram. Because tweets on Twitter itself are generally only in the form of text and rarely upload photos or videos.

Twitter can be a nostalgic medium, because even old-school accounts still survive today, maybe including your friend’s account? So with that, some users are curious and want to see how funny their tweets were when they were in the fun times. So for those of you who want to see old tweets on Twitter, please follow our discussion!

How to View Old Tweets on Twitter?

How to View Old Tweets on Twitter

Here we will share several ways to view old Twitter tweets, you can try one of the ways that you think is the easiest. So to be clear, we will share 4 ways to view old tweets on twitter. Here are some ways:

Using the Date Format Trick

The first way you can try is to use the date format trick. This trick is not widely known by users, so from now on, my friend can know and just try it.

Here’s how to use the date format trick:

  • First, please open your cellphone, then go to the Twitter application. Or if you want to use twitter.com via the browser is also not a problem.
  • Then my friend can just log in with the account you want to see the old tweets.
  • Then on the Home page, you can click the search icon
  • Well the key here, pay close attention. You can start viewing old tweets by writing the date format as follows: from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd

Note : yyy = year, mm = month, dd = day

  • If you are still confused about how to write it, we will give an example as follows: from:indramaulana until:2021-10-13 since:2021-02-16
  • If you have, you can directly press OK or enter
  • Then all old posts or tweets from the specified date to the specified date will also appear on your screen.
  • Happy benostalgia!

But if this method doesn’t work through the application, please try using Twitter via the browser (web). If you can’t, it means that this method is no longer valid. Don’t worry, you can try other options that we share below!

Using the All My Tweets Site

Now then there is a way to use the All My Tweets site. This site is here for Twitter users who want to see their old tweets. the way is easier and more practical as well as complete, please follow the steps:

  1. First, you can go to the browser. You can use a PC or HP browser, it’s up to you.
  2. Then, click on the url tab then enter the site address allmytweets.net
  3. Then you will go to the login page. Please friends to login with Twitter account.
  4. If so, here you can click on the option Tweets.
  5. After that, old tweets will appear on this page account. you can read the funny tweets one by one
  6. So, if you want to see old tweets from your crush or friend’s account, just click Change User.
  7. Please write twitter username what you want to point out
  8. Finally, just click Tweets. Then the old tweets from that account will appear!
  9. Finished.

Using the SnapBird Site

Next, my friend can use how to view old tweets with the Snapbirs site. This site has the same way of working as the previous site. Well, you can use this option if the previous method didn’t work. Please follow the steps to view old tweets on SnapBird.

  • First, you can open the browser on your PC or on your cellphone
  • If so, go directly to the SnapBird site.
  • Then a login page will appear, please login with your Twitter account.
  • Then, here, my friend can continue by clicking on the option Authorized App.
  • Here are the options WHO. In that option, please click and write the username that you want to see the old tweet
  • Continue with the search button, if you have written it down.
  • Then it will automatically display various old tweets from the account that you want
  • Want to see in full? Just click buddy See for more tweets
  • Finished!

Using the Twime Machine Site

The last one is to use the Twime Machine site. So, please, follow the steps, buddy!

  • First, please, friends, visit the twimemachine site
  • Next, please login using your Twitter account
  • Continue by clicking Authorized App
  • Then automatically on the page will display your old tweets
  • Happy nostalgia!

How? It’s very easy to open the four ways to see the old tweets above? Please choose which method you want to use!

Notes : If you want to use the sites above to view those old twitter tweets, we suggest you log in with your second twitter account (not your main account). Why? Because the name of the site is not official, it will be vulnerable to data theft and spyware. Although so far the site has no negative rumors, we can’t guarantee that the account is safe. So make sure to prevent it before it happens!

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The final word

Above are 4 easy ways to view old tweets on Twitter that you can follow. Lucky for my twitter users for a long time, because from now on my friend can see how funny and funny tweets were, hehehe. Good luck! 😊

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