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3 Easy Ways to Track and Lock Lost Cellphones with Android Device Manager Lock

Losing your beloved smartphone may not be something you ever imagined or hoped for. Sometimes it’s not always about the price which is quite expensive, but about how important the data on the smartphone is. Starting from phone numbers, photos, and other important data. Not to mention if the installed number is also connected to mobile banking and the like, of course losing your smartphone will be a big problem.

With the development of smartphone technology, it feels like you can now feel a little calm. The reason is that currently some android operating systems have been equipped with an android device manager lock that can help you when you lose your smartphone.

Get to know Android Device Manager Lock

The android device manager lock system is a system that is specifically designed to anticipate the problem of losing a smartphone. This system allows you to track your lost smartphone without a trace. Currently the android device manager can be accessed in two ways, namely applications and websites that can be accessed at the following link google.com/android/devicemanager.

This android device manager lock feature can be used on android smartphones 2.2 and above and is also equipped with Google Apps installation.

Use of Android Device Manager Lock Features

There are several functions that can be run by the android device manager, such as:

  • Track the whereabouts of a lost smartphone using the geolocation system on your smartphone.
  • Enter a new password when you forget the old password. By accessing the android device manager via a laptop and logging in using the same Google account as your smartphone, the new password settings can be updated.
  • Erase and lock data, so you will feel a little calm if there is important data that is quite vital.
  • Ring your smartphone when you forget to put it.

How to Enable the Android Device Manager Lock Feature

Android Device Manager Lock (1)

To be able to use this feature there are several steps that you must follow, including:

1. Download the App on Play Store

This applies to the old version of android, while for the latest android the ADM system is installed automatically on your smartphone. You can download the application on the Play Store or you can visit the google.com/Android/devicemanager site.

2. Activating Some Features

To be able to use the ADM feature to the fullest, then make sure that you have activated the “Allow remote lock and erase” and “Remotely locate this device” menus on your smartphone. Both of these menus give Google permission to perform data erasure and location tracking when needed.

3. Activation of Android Device Manager

An easy way to activate ADM is by going to the Google Settings menu and then selecting the Security menu. After that go to the Device Administrator menu and put a checklist in Device Manager.

How to Find Lost Smartphone with ADM

If unfortunately you have lost your phone, then here’s how to track it using ADM:

1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the internet

You need to make sure that your smartphone is turned on and connected to the internet. Device Manager cannot work if your phone is off or not connected to the internet.

2. Open ADM App or Site

Next you need to open the android device manager app or site then log in using the Google account that is also connected to your lost phone. When the login process has been successfully carried out, several names and also the position of the device connected to the Google account will appear, choose according to the lost device.

3. Doing Options Pilihan

ADM can perform three main functions, namely Ring, Lock and Erase. If you believe your phone has fallen around you, you can select the Ring option to ring the phone. If you are not sure, then you can choose the Erase option to delete data or Lock to lock your smartphone.

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Unfortunately, this android device manager lock also has a drawback, namely it cannot detect the presence of the cellphone if the thief has reset, turned off the cellphone or disconnected the internet.

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