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3 Easy Ways to Add Location on Google Maps

In the midst of advances in this era, technology seems to make the world in your hands. We can easily ‘visit’ places in the world with the help of technology, Google Maps / Google Earth is one of them. Google Maps offers sophisticated technology, which can help us find the location and view the location in detail and accurately.

But Google Maps also doesn’t mean it’s perfect for reaching all, sometimes there are some places that are not on the Google Maps location list, maybe our house or our area is one of them.

Well, here we want to give you a way to add a location on Google Maps that you can input yourself, later this will be able to help you and others in finding the location!

Oh yes, if you have a business, you can also add your business location on Google Maps, you know! Without further ado, let’s get straight to it!

1. Through the Google Maps Application on Mobile

How to make a location on Google Maps this first only uses the cellphone you have, and here you have to use the Google Maps application which you can get on the Play Store (Android) or the Apps Store (iOS.

  • First, Open the Google Maps application on your cellphone! Make sure to update first so you can use the latest features.
  • Furthermore, turn on the GPS, make sure you are connected or connected to the internet yes!
  • Then click the three line icon in the upper left corner.
  • Then scroll down and click on the option “Add Place”
  • Choose “Add Place”
  • Then fill in the data in the form provided on the menu. Make sure you fill it correctly and can be accounted for!
  • Tips for creating a location on Google Maps so that places are easily recognizable, you should also add some Photo (highly recommended) featuring the front of the place (we recommend making sure the place has a signage). Adding some original photos will facilitate the review process by the Google team.
  • Finally, if you have clicked the send button. Later Google will review the location you input first. please be patient!

2. Adding a location on Google Maps using PC

In addition to mobile phones, adding locations on Google Maps is also via PC, you know, the method is also very easy! Just take a look at each step in detail below.

  • Next, sign in with your Google account, make sure it’s a personal account!
  • Click the three main lines icon in the upper left corner, then scroll down to select an option Add place.
  • If you have entered, you are required to fill in all the data in the form provided, make sure the contents are correct / appropriate and can be accounted for!
  • When finished, click the button send for the Google team to review first. For the results, please be patient, because it can take 2 to 3 weeks.

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3. Add Business Locations on Google Maps Via Google My Business / Google My Business.

How to add a location on Google Maps this one is very important if you have a real business location, for example you have a cake shop or other business, you can follow this one method, which is using Google My Business.

Google My Business or Google My Business is a Google service that is devoted to business people who want to develop their business online. You can access Google My Business via the web and applications available on the Play Store you can download here and the App Store you can download it here.

You can add a place of your business or someone else’s easily through Google My Business / Google My Business. In addition, you can also directly verify the ownership of the place of business (Google will send a verification code via phone number or mail).

After the verification stage is complete, then you can fully control the place of business. For example, if there is a change in store operating hours, you can change it directly in the Google My Business service.

Here are some Google My Business features that you can use once your place of business is verified:

  • Change operating hours or add special hours at certain times.
  • Reply to comments made by customers (but you can’t delete their comments).
  • Easily add profile, cover and product photos.
  • Create posts that will later be displayed along with search results for your place of business on Google Maps or Google Search.
  • And there are many other advantages.

So, do you quite understand what Google My Business or Google My Business is and the features it provides?

Now we will tell you how to register a business location on Google Maps

  • Open and enter Google My Business which you have downloaded, if you have had it for a long time, don’t forget to update it first so you can enjoy the new features!
  • Then Login with your Google account, OK!
  • Select main menu Manage locations.
  • Choose an option Add location > Add single location which is located on the right.
  • If you are already logged in, type your business name in the search box. Now this is done to determine whether the place of business you have is already in the Google database or not (public places recorded by the Google Street camera are usually automatically entered into Google Maps).
  • If your place of business is already in the Google database, all you have to do is select it in the search results to be able to claim it.
  • Next you will be directed to a form to complete the data for the place of business, follow the directions, OK!
  • Well, if your place of business or business is new, you just have to choose the option Create a business with this name.
  • Then next you are required to fill in the data on the place of business, including the business category, business address (must be filled in completely and accurately), and so on. Make sure the data is appropriate and you can be responsible for it!
  • When setting a location on the map, make sure the point matches the original. You can use the help of HP’s GPS to determine the exact location point.
  • After everything is done and you have filled in and followed all the directions, you just have to choose the verification method you want.

Well here it takes a few days for a verification letter from Google to arrive at your business address. If you have received it, you just need to enter a few digits of the code listed on the letter.

Tara! After the verification process is complete, you can fully manage your Google business account. In addition, the place of business can also appear on the Google search engine. Here you just have to maximize the existing features provided by Google Maps!

You can apply the methods or steps above on the mobile version of Google My Business, right!

note : For your information, you are not allowed to change the name of your place of business repeatedly. If this is done, Google will suspend the place of business.


Make sure you fill in the data correctly and don’t use it for fun or trial and error, because this can harm other parties or people. And if you don’t fill in the data correctly, Google itself also has procedures to follow up. So fill or input accordingly, yes! Especially the location of your business, so that your business is more in demand?

The final word

So many ways and steps that we can describe how to add a location on Google Maps, if you have another method or method, let us know in the comments column below!

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