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2 Ways to Trim Videos on Various Cellphones (Use Apps and Not)

Nowadays, more and more video content is uploaded on various social media, one of the triggers is the rapid growth in the use of smartphone cameras and increasing internet access in various regions. Especially now that many of them are interested in becoming a Youtuber who is being loved by many people from various circles.

Editing is important even if it’s just cutting the length of the video

Of course, we as video owners don’t immediately publish the video after recording it, because there are parts that don’t need to be displayed or there are parts that should be removed, although not always. For this reason, the ability to do video editing is very important for everyone, even if it only cuts certain parts of the video.

The great thing is that technological developments are not only on the hardware side, software is also growing rapidly. One of them is that there are many applications that can make it easier for us to do video editing easily, even just using a cellphone and don’t require special skills.

Video editing application for all brands of Android phones

The problem is that there are too many video editing applications on the Google Play Store, making us confused which application is suitable for use and even for ordinary users. In addition, we must be smart in choosing applications that already provide complete features such as being able to cut videos easily.

List of Simple Video Editing Apps for New Users

For this reason, we will share some summary of video editing applications that you can use. Some of these software have been adapted for users who just want to learn video editing. Here are the applications;

Adobe Premiere Clip

How to Cut Videos on Various Cellphones Easily

This one application is very well known and the best-selling product made by Adobe. Who doesn’t know Adobe? Oh yeah, if you’re new to the editing world, you’re definitely new to it

This Adobe Premiere Clip application has many functions, not only cutting videos, but also collating videos into one. The interface of this application is quite simple. We think this application is suitable for users who just want to learn to process video content. Oh it’s one of the features that you must try is to combine several videos automatically, Click directly so that the video has been arranged neatly.

To use it, download Adobe Premiere Clip with size 59.1 MB on Google Play for free!
Download Adobe Premiere Clip

AndroVid – Video Editor

How to Cut Videos on Various Cellphones Easily

Then you can use a video editor application called AndroVid. This one application is simpler than Adobe Premiere. It’s guaranteed that you can easily do editing, especially if you only cut parts of the video.

Although simple, AndroVid also has many features, you know, such as changing the shape of the video to adding text in the video very easily. In addition, this video editing application is lighter than other applications. To try it please download, the size of the application is only 20MB. But don’t expect the interface to be good, because it looks a bit old-school compared to Adobe.

You can see some of the features of this application in the video below.
Download AndroVid

Viva Video: Free Video Editor

How to Cut Videos on Various Cellphones Easily

Next up is the Viva Video application. This software is also included in the list of popular apps. Surely you have seen someone’s editing results, and the video has a Viva Video watermark, that means the video was edited using the Viva Video application, the watermark indicates the use of a free application, if you want to remove it, you have to pay.

This video editing application has quite a lot of features. The most important thing is that it is easy to use which makes many people use it. Some of the advantages of Viva Video include a variety of free filters, themes, and video effects. The drawback of this application when using the free version is the watermark and ads.
Download VivaVideo

Cut Videos Without Using Apps

If indeed the need is only to cut the video, you don’t actually need to use an application. Even this method can be done on various types of HP you know. If you only cut certain parts, you should see the method below.

Cut videos with Android built-in features

In the steps below almost every Android phone has it. you can open the video you want to edit through the gallery when the video is playing there is a three-dot section in the upper right corner, click on that section and select the trim option. The detailed steps can be seen below;

  • First, open the default video player application on your Android phone.
  • Select the video you want to cut.
  • Then the three-dot button or through the menu to display the video settings, then select the trim option.
  • Then you will be presented with a trim selector to choose which parts you want to remove and which parts to keep showing.
  • When finished do not forget to save.

Trim video on Samsung phone

For Samsung HP users, you can follow the steps below. Because the way to cut the video is a bit different.

  • First, open the Gallery or Video application.
  • Then select the video to cut.
  • click the three-dot icon (Menu or Options) in the top right corner.
  • Select Edit, then select Studio, then go to Video Trimmer.
  • In this section you can already use the trim selector to trim the video as needed.
  • When finished, click Done.
  • After that a pop-up window will appear to give a name to the newly cut video file.

Have another way?

If you have another way that is better than what we described above. You can share your experience/knowledge about video editing via the comments page below. Every comment you give will give us a new spirit for us to always provide useful information.

Other Applications:

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