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2 Ways to Show Android Phone Screen to TV Using only USB

You must be wondering if you can display the cellphone screen to the TV. If you go to a computer or laptop, right, there are various applications that can transfer/show the HP screen to a Laptop/PC, so what if it appears on TV?

Calm down bro! Now this technology is advanced, if you really want to show your cellphone screen to the TV, there are 2 ways you can use it. The first method only requires a little capital but this method is still conventional using a cable and the second way you need capital to buy additional devices. Let’s see how to do it;

Using a USB Type-C Cable

Today’s cellphones are certainly equipped with USB Type-C. By using this method, you have to buy a connector between USB Type-C and HDMI which will be plugged into the TV. The trick is to just plug the cable into the cellphone using a USB type-C and HDMI plug to the TV.

connect android phone to tv
image via Tokopedia

Now if your cellphone is still using micro USB, you have to look for a microUSB to HDMI connector. Why are there selling online? The method is almost the same as using a USB Type-C cable.

If it is connected to the TV, usually on the cellphone there will be a notification of receiving or not, you select “YES” to accept it, then the cellphone screen will immediately be displayed on the TV.

Using Chromecast enhancements

This method is more sophisticated, because we don’t need a cable to connect the cellphone to the TV, but of course you have to buy an additional device called a Chromecast.

Chromecast is a device used for streaming that will display the smartphone screen to the television without using cables or even wireless. Friends, Chromecast users only need to install an application called Google Home.


How to open the Google Home application. Don’t press the icon for your device, but press the button at the bottom right of the screen, it looks like a small face, with a circle around it.

In this menu scroll down select ‘Addition‘, and the first option is ‘Mirror device‘. You will likely be notified that your device is not optimized for the experience, but that error can also appear on high-end smartphones, so just ignore it, and click ‘accept‘.

Now you can see a big blue button that says ‘Cast Screen/Audio‘, then press . Your phone will search for nearby devices, which should be pretty fast if you have your Chromecast set up. Just select it, and your phone screen will start playing on the TV.

But the disadvantage of using Chromecast is that the cellphone battery will drain quickly, so it is recommended to charge the cellphone to full first before connecting it to the TV using this additional device.

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