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2 Ways to Scan Whatsapp Web Without Scanning Barcode

Many people ask, is it actually possible or how to enter Whatsapp Web without scanning a barcode? Here we will try to review it in full! So don’t miss it!

Whatsapp is one of the largest communication platforms in the world, WhatsApp itself has advanced and interesting features in it, of course, this is because the service can be used on almost all operating systems, including Android, IOS, and Windows.

Apart from being able to use Whatsapp on mobile phones, Facebook’s instant messaging service can also be used on a PC or laptop. Yup, Whatsapp can be installed or you can also use the website or commonly called Whatsapp web. When we want to use whatsapp web, we are required to use a barcode that is scanned first through a cellphone and then the cellphone must remain connected to the internet.

But have you ever thought, can you enter WhatsApp web without scanning the QR barcode? Hmm the answer can! However, depending on the conditions. You must be wondering how? We will provide some tips that can help you to login whatsapp web without a barcode. Okay without lingering, let’s just discuss!

Using Features “Keep me signed in”

whatsapp web without barcode scanning

Indeed, this method must use a barcode scan first for the beginning, but for the next, my friend no longer needs to use a barcode to login.

How to enable “Keep me signed in” mode?

  • First, open the browser on your laptop. Then open whatsapp web by using the link https://web.whatsapp.com/
  • If so, a display like the image above will appear. Now to activate the mode, my friend, click the check mark “Keep me signed in” below the barcode image.
  • If so, scan the barcode with your cellphone and wait for the scanning process to complete.
  • Well, my friend has entered the whatsapp web. To prove it, please close your browser or whatsapp web tab, then go back to whatsapp web. What was the result? Whatsapp will automatically enter without scanning the barcode again, but with the condition that WhatsApp on your cellphone is still connected to the internet.

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Login Whatsapp Web Without Scanning Barcode with Android Emulator

In addition to how to enter WhatsApp web without scanning the barcode above, we also have another way to enter WhatsApp on a Laptop / PC without scanning the barcode first, namely using android emulators. What is an android emulator? Android Emulator simulate device Android on your computer so you can test the app across multiple devices and API levels Android without having to own any physical devices. Emulators provides almost all device capabilities Android real.

In short, the Android emulator works just like Android on a cellphone. So we can still use ‘mobile phones’ even if we use a PC / Laptop. It’s pretty clear isn’t it? If yes. Let’s talk about it.

how to enter whatsapp web without qr code
  • First, you can download an android emulator on your laptop by searching on google, we recommend using an emulator “Blue Stack”, “Nox”, or “Genymotion”. Actually there are many choices, my friend can choose just one of the many android emulators scattered on the internet.
  • Well, if it has been downloaded, please install it and follow some of the terms and conditions that apply.
  • If you have, my friend, open the android emulator application, then open the play store and download Whatsapp.
  • Now if it’s downloaded, open whatsapp and register your number.
  • Done, my friend can open WhatsApp many times without scanning the barcode first.

So far, we’ve only tried the 2 methods above. Because we do not guarantee that other methods will work or not and will be safe or not for you to try. We simply recommend the safe way. So far, the method above has worked.

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The final word

Well, those are the ways to enter whatsapp web without scanning barcodes which we think are very easy for you to follow or do. However, if you have another way to enter WhatsApp web without scanning a barcode, please share the method with all of us via the comments column below. Okay, that’s all, good luck!

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