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2 Ways to Inspect Element on Android!

AirMod Friends! Buddy want to open inspect element on the web? But you don’t know how? Don’t worry, my friend can see the review at 2 ways to inspect elements on android easily!

Surfing the Internet is indeed an action. Moreover, surfing the Internet using a cell phone, where we can surf freely anytime and anywhere.

Sometimes we find interesting things and can be used as learning materials or references. So, if you are in college or learning to make a website, of course you need references on how to source images, javascript code, css code, fonts used, colors and other HTML codes. Well, my friend can try to find the source code of other people’s websites through the browser feature, namely Inspect Element.

However, people usually know about the Inspect Element feature only through a PC or Laptop. But actually inspect elements can be opened via an Android phone, you know! Curious? Let’s look at 2 ways to Inspect elements on Android below!

What are the 2 Ways to Inspect elements on Android?

1. Using the View-Source Trick

Inspect Element on Android

The first way to inspect elements on Android is to use the view-source trick. The method is very easy, here are the steps:

  • First, you can open the browser on your cellphone. You can use any browser. But to get the most out of it, we suggest that you can use it Chrome.
  • Now, if you have, you can open the website that you want to inspect element for your reference.
  • Now, if the web that you want to inspect element is already open, my friend can see the url link above, then add it view-source at the beginning of the web URL link.

As an example view-source:https://androidponsel.com

  • Now, if you have inserted the view-source, please click Enter to open inspect element.
  • Then later on your screen, the source code or inspect element from the website will appear.
  • Please, my friend, select the source code needed.

However, although this method is fast and easy, the source code displayed is not neat and seems messy. Well, if you want at least a neater source code, you can use this second method by using an application.

2. Using the Live HTML Inspect and Edit App

Inspect Element on Android

How to use the application is also not too difficult, maybe you just need to prepare memory space to install this Inspect and Edit HTML Live application. Here are the steps to open inspect element with the application:

  • First, please open your playstore buddy, then please find and install the Inspect and Edit HTML application. But if you have trouble, you can directly click here > download
  • If you have, my friend can run Inspect and edit HTML Live, then later my friend will enter the google page automatically
  • Then in the search field, you can write the website or URL of the web page that you want to inspect the element.
  • Now that the website will be open, you can click the edit icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then the source code will appear that is neater than the first method.
  • You can copy the source code you need on the web page.
  • Finished! Buddy has succeeded in copying the source code for website reference.

Benefits of Inspect Element

Inspect Element on Android
image by freepik.com

Now using Inspect Element has several benefits, especially for those of you who want to develop your website for a thesis or for a project. Here are some of the benefits:

The first benefit of inspect element is that it can be a place for CSS experiments. Because when we write CSS code in Inspect Element, the browser will immediately execute it. In addition, you are also provided with features that make it easier to write CSS such as autocomplete, colorpicker, filter, visual model box, etc.

Another benefit is that you can find out how slowly the web is downloaded by the browser and how fast and the size of the web capacity is. You can use the Network or Timeline feature in the Inspect element.

Well, sometimes your website project when an error only shows a blank page, so you are confused about the error. Actually, we can see that, you know, because you can see a javascript error message on the Console menu in Inspect Elements.

  • Measuring Memory and CPU Performance

So the more tabs you open in the browser, the more memory it uses. In addition, the script on the web that is accessed turns out to also make the CPU work.

To see memory and CPU performance when opening the web, you can use Inspect Element and then please enter the menu Timeline on Google Chrome. While in Firefox, go to Performance.

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Now the last benefit is that you can use it as a responsive web test. By using Inspect Element, you don’t need to have many devices for responsive testing. Just take advantage of Inspect Element, you can already use various types of mobile devices.

The final word

It’s clear enough, aren’t there 2 ways to inspect elements on Android and the benefits of inspect elements? Please, friends, make the best of it!

Good luck!

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