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2 Ways to Easily Create Email on Android Phones Without Mobile Number

Email accounts are now very important to be owned by Internet users, because anything we create, be it social media accounts or other business accounts, requires email as a means of communicating electronically. So you must have at least 1 personal email or more depending on your needs. Because I myself have several emails, each of which has different needs, some are for personal or also for business purposes. For that, for those of you who don’t know how to create an email, here I will share how to create a gmail email from a cellphone or via a PC/Laptop.

How to Create a Gmail Email Account on HP and on PC

Actually, making an email on a cellphone or on a PC is the same, here I will explain the steps to create an email belonging to the giant company Google, namely Gmail. Make sure you already know the unique email address that will be inputted into the address that you will use as an email, you should prepare 5 names because if they are already used by other people we can’t make it and have to change the name to another address.

Create a gmail account on HP and PC/Laptop

If you have already prepared the name of the address, here is how to easily create a gmail email. Make sure you read every step carefully.

How to Create a Gmail Account on a Mobile Without Verifying a Mobile Number

If you want to create a Gmail email account without verifying your cellphone number, you can follow these steps. For how to create a gmail here, you have to make it through a cellphone, not a PC. Here I am using a Xiaomi phone. Other brand phones such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo or even Realme and Huawei have steps that are not much different because of their focus on creating Google’s email accounts. Here’s how to create an email on an Android phone;

Tips for creating multiple emails in one day

If you have a need to create many emails without using a cellphone number, you should avoid making more than 3 emails in 1 day. Because you can be said to be spam and Google will put the device you are using on a blacklist/banned list so you can’t compose an email for a long time.

For email account security, we recommend using a password that is difficult to guess by combining special characters, lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers. And most importantly, you should verify your email account with a cellphone number for two-step security purposes and also account recovery if one day you forget your password.

that’s how to easily create a new email on your cellphone, whether it’s using your cellphone number or not using it. Hope this information is useful for you.

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