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2 Easy Ways to Know Other People's IP Address

Buddy curious to know the IP Address of others? On this occasion we will review how to find out someone else’s IP Address easily.

Surely you already know the IP Address, right? Yup, Internet users must be familiar with IP addresses. Now if anyone doesn’t understand, IP Address is a row of binary numbers between 32 bits to 128 bits that is used as a medium to identify each computer device connected to a computer network (intranet / internet).

A 32-bit binary number is used for each version of an IPv4 IP Address, while a 128-bit binary number is used for each version of an IPv6 IP Address.

The IP address will later be useful as data for every device (computer and other device) connected to a computer network that utilizes the internet protocol as a connecting medium.

Now every internet user and internet device such as a smartphone or laptop, must have an IP Address number on each device when surfing the Internet.

IP Address has many benefits and uses, one of the general uses of IP Address is to know the whereabouts of its users. Of course this can also be a negative or dangerous thing if it is used for bad things, for example wanting to hack, or knowing someone’s internet activity, and so on.

Well, if you are one of the people who are curious to know how to see the IP Address, let’s see the review below!

How to see someone else’s IP address?

Using the IPLogger Website

How to find out someone else's IP address

The first easy way to track IP addresses is IP Logger. To use it is quite easy, you know, the article is by sending a link to other people via Facebook or via Whatsapp. Then the person who will click the one you sent earlier via Facebook or Whatsapp will be able to let you know the IP Address. How easy isn’t it?

Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • First, friends, please open the browser on your laptop or cellphone, you can use Chrome, or Mozilla and others that you think are good, then please visit the IPLogger website here > https://iplogger.org
  • If so, my friend can click “URL & Image Shortener
  • Then here you can write or type in the name of any address, it’s up to you. This address will be given to other people who want to know the IP address.
  • So, so that it doesn’t seem like a spam link or an unclear link, you can manipulate it, for example, you enter an e-commerce link that is currently hype, for example Shopee or Tokopedia. Why so? This is so that the link you send is not suspected by the recipient of the link.
  • If you have made it, my friend can choose “Get IPLogger Code” which is under the column contains the url that you have filled in.
  • Next, here, please copy the link and just execute it by sharing or sharing it with other people who want to know the IP address via Facebook or Whatsapp.
  • Make sure you don’t close the IPLogger, okay!
  • Now, if the person you are going to or who received the link clicks on the link address that you have shared or shared, to find out that person’s IP address, you can click “Logged IP’s” on the IPLogger website page earlier.
  • Finished! Very easy isn’t it?

Knowing People’s IP Address With Termux Application

How to find out someone else's IP address

How to find out and track other people’s IP addresses. You can use an application called Termux on your Android phone.

But the condition here is that you have to communicate or chat with the person you want to track, you can chat via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, or even telegram, and others. once again, make sure the person you want to know the IP address for is online and chatting with you!

Immediately, my friend executes, so here are the steps:

  • Now, if it’s finished installing, you can open and run Termux by typing and entering the code $ netstat – an or $ netstat then click enter.
  • Now my friend can wait for the execution process from the termux.
  • After that, my friend can see clearly in the Termux application display in the form of the IP Address of other people who are chatting with friends.

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The final word

How? Easy, aren’t the steps above for how to find out and track other people’s IP addresses? To be successful, you can follow the instructions exactly. Good luck and good luck! 😊

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