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100% You Can Try the TrackView Application To Tap Your Partner's Cellphone

Have you ever thought about tapping your partner’s cellphone? If so, maybe you have wondered what application is capable of doing it, right? Well, here we share information on how to use the TrackView application to tap a partner’s cellphone.

What is TrackView App?

The TrackView app is an Android app that has tracking capabilities. Actually this application is not intended to track someone, but aims to make GPS tracking easier for various purposes.

For example, you want to easily find your cell phone, track your car, track family members for safety and various other things, including being able to monitor the baby if you are out of the house and the baby at home with a nanny.

Even the most sought after ability by people who want to do wiretapping is in this application, which is being able to access the selfie camera and microphone secretly without any notifications.

From the ability of the application, of course, it is enough to be used as a cellphone tapping application. For that, we will review how to tap a partner’s cellphone with the TrackView application below.

Spy on Couple’s Phone with TrackView Application

For friends who want to tap cellphones with the TrackView application, we will try to review them in full. Follow the steps below to be able to do it.

Before starting, a few tips make sure you create a new email with a name according to the target partner you want to tap, or you can also create an email like the email used by the target.

  1. First Install the TrackView app in your app, login using the created email.
  2. Try to borrow the cellphone of the partner you want to spy on, and then secretly install TrackView and then add the same Google account that you are using, because the Google account must be the same as the target we are going to tap.

After both have been installed, now you have to remove the notification from the TrackView application, by going to Settings and Application Management and selecting TrackView then turning off the notification.

This is so that your partner does not know there is a suspicious application, or it could be by hiding the application. How each hp will be different.

Next, open the TrackView application from your cellphone and see if the application can function to spy on your partner’s cellphone.

TrackView App Hack Couple's Cellphone

The final word

The TrackView application is made to be able to monitor families for safety and also monitor babies so that they can be monitored remotely when left with caregivers.

However, because of its ability to be considered very suitable for spying, the TrackView application was finally used to tap a partner’s cellphone.

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