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100% Successful How to Send Folder in Email Easily

You want to send a folder in an email because the folder is very important? But your email doesn’t support sending folder formats? Relax, my friend can use the trick on how to easily send folders in email which we will review in this article!

Indeed, how to send a folder in an email, surely all smartphone users already understand. Moreover, email is an important component in the use of smartphones and computer devices. Now email can be used to help work or study activities, for example sending assignments, sending presentations, and so on.

How to Send Folders in Email Easily

Sometimes our work is too much so that it requires a folder to be able to separate it, besides that the folder must be sent via email. Actually email itself does not support sending via raw folders, so here we can use a trick, namely by using a zip file.

What do you mean? The folder that contains our files, we compress into zip format. So to be clear, here are the steps:

  • First, please download the ZArchiver application on the Google Play Store first and install it on your cellphone. Here’s the official download link, so you can find it more easily > Download
How to Send Folders in Email Easily
  • If you have, open the Zarchiver application, later this application will be like a file manager, here you can select the folder that you want to send by email.
  • Once selected, hold down the folder and select “Compress”. Then select compress Zip format.
  • Now just wait for the compression process to finish
  • When finished, please close. Then you go to the Gmail application on your cellphone.
How to Send Folders in Email Easily
  • Then select “Compose” to start entering the mailing page
How to Send Folders in Email Easily
  • So here you can choose the recipient, then the subject. To select the folder that was zipped earlier, my friend can choose Attach File or the clip logo that we have marked in the picture
How to Send Folders in Email Easily
  • Next, you can select the three line icon in the upper left corner.
  • Please select FILE MANAGER. Now in this file manager, you can select a zipped folder with ZArchiver.
How to Send Folders in Email Easily
  • Just send the message to the recipient, you can click the arrow icon in the upper right corner.
How to Send Folders in Email Easily
  • Finished! Folder sent successfully.

Note: If the recipient has received your folder in Zip format, the recipient can extract it so that it becomes a complete folder that can be opened. Most cellphones currently have a Zip file extract feature, but if you don’t have one, you can use the Zarchiver application.

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The final word

Above are the steps to send a folder in email. How? Very easy to do right? Please follow step by stepto make it work yes! Okay, good luck, buddy!

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