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100% Successful How to Accelerate Download the Latest IDM

If you often download on a PC or laptop, of course you must use IDM software, right? Yes, because this software really helps speed up downloads. Yesterday we mentioned how to overcome 403 forbidden on IDM, this time we will discuss about IDM again, more precisely, we will discuss how to speed up IDM downloads.

IDM is indeed a mainstay for computer users to download files, especially with large files. With IDM, the download process will run faster than usual because IDM itself divides the server (split), making 8 connection requests to the server at the same time using Threads. Each thread will make a request to download a file with a different Byte Stream beginning.

But some users including my friends still complain about the lack of download speed on their IDM. Don’t worry, there are tricks to speed up IDM downloads. Here we will tell you how!

How to Speed ​​up IDM Downloads?

How to Speed ​​up IDM Downloads

Setting the Windows Registry

Who knows that the Windows Registry can affect IDM download speed? Maybe some IDM users don’t know about this trick.

Now to accelerate the download on IDM, my friend can use a trick by changing some Registry settings on your PC or Laptop.

Curious how? Here are the steps:

  • First, please friends to enter the menu Run. To enter here, you can use the key combination “Windows + R”
  • If the run menu is already open, a tab will appear. Please friends to type “regedit” (without quotes)
  • Next press Enter.
  • Then my friend will enter the Registry Editor menu. Well, here you can go to the folder ComputerHKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareDownloadManager.
  • Then continue by double-clicking on ConnectionSpeed
  • Here you can change Value data Becomes 999999
  • Finally, just click buddy OK.

Please, my friend, try to download via IDM. But if it doesn’t have an effect at all, you can restart your PC or laptop, then Registry it will update itself which can speed up later download-an IDM.

Setting Connection

Another trick how to speed up IDM downloads is by setting up a connection. Tricks to set up your own connection have become common for IDM users. Don’t worry, only a few cases become problematic, the rest they managed to increase the IDM download speed. Curious how the trick? Here are the steps:

  • First and for sure, my friend can open IDM on your laptop or PC
  • If you have, my friend can enter the menu “Downloads”
  • Continue by selecting “Option”
    After that my friend will go to another tab. Now on this tab, my friend can click “Connection”
  • Please my friend to change the option “Connection type/speed” Becomes “High Speed: Direct Connection (Ethernet/Cable) / Wifi / Mobile 4G / Other”
    After that, pay attention to the option “Max number of connections”, please change it to friends 32
  • Continue by clicking “OK

Note: if your download speed is more than 1MBps, please change it to 32. It’s another case if the download speed is right or less than 1MBps, you can change it to 16.

This method is shared because many people have tried it and it has been proven to increase the IDM download speed. But if it doesn’t have an effect on you, please try other ways.

Try Using a Proxy

Another trick to speed things up download-an IDM, you can use PROXY. For those who don’t know Proxy, Proxy itself is a system that works as a network intermediary, for example when you access a page website, proxy who will request and receive information from website it to the device that you are using. There are different levels of security, information confidentiality, and functions according to the type you are using.

So, if you already understand proxies, please follow these steps:

  • Previously, you can prepare a proxy first. Please download first
  • If you already have a proxy, please continue by opening IDM on your device
  • Then here you can select the menu “Downloads”
  • Continue by selecting “Option”
  • Buddy will enter a new tab, please select to tab Proxy/Socks > Manual proxy/socks configuration
  • Now the point is here, please, my friend, to enter the Proxy that you already have in the column that is already available
  • Finally, select “OK
  • Then your proxy is already connected to IDM!

Note: However, not all proxies are suitable for use here. the article is that some proxies actually limit the speed, aka make download-an becomes slow. So here, my friend must be smart in choosing the proxy to be used. In general, cases of bad proxies are free proxies (not all proxies are free, but there are many who complain about this). So if you can, my friend, please use the premium or paid version. Or if necessary, you can see a review of a Proxy that is suitable for IDM on the Youtube channel.

Speed ​​Limit (Speed ​​Limit)

Take it easy, features speed limit or limiting the speed itself is a feature issued by IDM, so it will not be a problem. This trick has been tried by many IDM users, the reason is that it is likely to be successful in increasing the download speed. The method is very very easy.

Curious? Here are the steps:

  • First, it’s definitely my friend to open the IDM application.
  • If so, here you can select the menu “Downloads”
  • Then please select an option “Speed ​​Limiter”
  • choose “Arrangement”. Then you will enter a new tab.
  • Well here there is a tab “minimum download speed for one file”, please friends to fill in 20000
  • Continue by checking the text “always turn on avengers ..”
  • Finally just click “OK”.

Please my friend to prove the comparison of downloading the same file with this setting and without this setting. Of course we recommend this trick to increase download speed.

Using Additional App Help

How to Speed ​​up IDM Downloads

The last trick we recommend to speed up IDM downloads is that you can use the help of an application. The application is like IDM Optimizer.

This is because additional applications such as IDM Optimizer are recommended by many IDM users who have already tried it, because it is claimed that it can speed things up download while optimizing speed. But it’s not only the IDM Optimizer application that worth it, there are many other similar applications that you can try.

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Is It Safe?

Answer : Take it easy, it will most likely be safe, because my friend only takes advantage of the features provided by the IDM itself. Except for the last trick, we can’t deny it, some applications that are spread on the internet have been infiltrated by viruses (usually happens when you download them on unofficial sites). Then my friend can download it through the official site, or even if it’s paid, please just buy it.

Do these tricks have to be done on the latest version of IDM?

Answer : Not really! the feature to run the trick to speed up downloads is indeed available on several versions of IDM, both the last and the latest versions.

Will all the above tricks work to speed up downloads on IDM?

Answer: Not sure, We don’t guarantee it will work 100%. Because the download speed of IDM is also influenced by the speed of the internet connection that you are using. For example, if you have tried setting the minimum speed as described above, but your wifi Internet speed is slow, it will not have much effect or even have no effect at all.

The final word

Yup, that’s how to speed up IDM downloads that you can try. Looks easy is not it step by step? Please buddy follow and good luck and good luck!

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